Board games with family be like…. #familymemes #christmas2022 #familygames #christmas -

Board games with family be like…. #familymemes #christmas2022 #familygames #christmas

Teacher Tommy T
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  1. "you can't take money on free parking"
    The monopoly deal cards wondering wtf free parking is

  2. He got 3 in a row anyway, he didn't win

  3. On the connect four one he didn’t even connect four😂

  4. Idc if she’s 96! Ya stoopid nanny!!” Got me dying 💀

  5. I don’t play board games with my other family members me and my brother just do our own thing I don’t like being around people I don’t know that well

    Dad-(Walking out to get a drink)
    Me-(Whispers)Just a little peek at his cards hmmmm he has that and that YES ooop thats ow to beat him
    At the end of the game the winner-MEH

    I am such a cheat lol 🤣🤣

  7. It’s not true you can’t take money from parking if you land on it

  8. I have two cousins who are like that (they are siblings): they both cheat, my youngest cousin has trouble managing anger and her brother likes to be those annoying siblings while playing, both get angry if somebody cheats and both are competitive.

    Least to say that every time me and my sister play cards or board games with them, things get ✨spicy✨

    We also sometimes, when they are like that, look at each other thinking "thank god we aren't like that to each other😳", even though we have our ups and downs

  9. “Idc if shes 96” sorry to upset but made me sad 🙁

  10. Dont let him know that the nanny can easily win next by placing a counter 1 to the left

  11. Um ActUAlly yOu dOn’T hAvE tO sAy uNo tO wIn🤓🤓🤓

  12. Omg , i win uno lots, my sister cried and tipped over the table- the cards went everywhere,my brother always wins monopoly, we call him greedy landlord!!! He always gets mayfairSo true

  13. I play uno and win every time then don't play afterwards because i always win😅

  14. Bro that was 2days bfre my bday last yr 😂😂


  16. You can get the money when you land on free parking

  17. Monopoly is just a source of a family breakup

  18. You can take all the tax money if you land on free parking at least that what my family does


  20. That is literally my whole life when playing board games with my brothers. The thing is I always win tho lol

  21. When someone doesnt say UNO my family majes them pick up the whole pack😂😂

  22. Bro is so british even the subtitles didnt know what bro said

  23. I’d just ban him from board games. Board games are supposed to be fun not stressful. 😂

  24. Why do i feel like hes a bit tooo good at this one…😂 are you by chance that one family member? 😂❤

  25. Bro was playing my favourite card game monopoly deal

  26. Oh my god. I felt those bananagram peels like a dagger to the heart. You just beg for them to end your suffering then you hear PEEL as your contemplating where to place ur last word.

  27. In the official monopoly rules you don’t get money on free parking

  28. This guy reminds me of the teacher from the nativity movie

  29. When you don’t relate to this cuz your an only child

  30. I cried at the bananagram, because my mom just says PEEL Peel PEEL, bananagrams. No money for you!

  31. It’s safe to say I am that one family member 😃

  32. When you notice the granny actually won the connect four game to the left

  33. That's so my sister and even if she wins she gets mad at me😭😭

  34. In the connect 4 human connected 3 there's another connect 3 for the other side right next to it so he's about to lose

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