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Day 1 of vlogmas 2021 when I think of Christmas I think of family and nothing better than family fun is game night! I’m showing you some fun games to play with your family friends . So many Christmas games to celebrate the holiday


  1. Good morning Lisa I definitely agree with you on games when my daughter was younger we used to pay Candyland sorry Hungry Hungry Hippo

  2. I'd like to hunt that True False game down at TJ Maxx 😊

  3. What's the minimum number of players for the Christmas Couples game?

  4. I taught my cousin's son Christian how to play Monopoly when he was 5 years old I love chocolate🍫🤟🤟 yummy I love playing Uno and these really are some great prices for these games

  5. Thanks, I have to try and find some of those games. We are in need of some new games to play

  6. This is great! I would love to hunt down the Christmas games my two nieces would have a ball when they come over. And how cute is the snowball hat game. Thanks Lisa for sharing.😊🎄⛄️🎁❄️

  7. Hello and Happy Wednesday 🙂 the Hat with the snoballs looks like it would be a blast. There is nothing better then watching my kids laugh and have fun😁 Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey beautiful I love ur shirt girl 💜

  9. Aw how much fun all them games and make awesome memories ❤️

  10. Nothing like making memories with your family and friends. ♥️🎄

  11. I bought that snowball hat challenge for my two year old nephew and his mom. So cool! TFS. 😘

  12. Oh miss Lisa that looks like so much fun I can’t wait to get some of these games at the stores here. I’m on the hunt for sure I can’t wait to see what’s next 😁😁😁💕

  13. Omg Greg is gonna be so mad because I’m going to TJ Maxx 😂 we have an annual Xmas party with a few friends and I think some of those games would be great! Tyfs love 💕 🎄

  14. Hi, Lisa!!!🍍👑 this is a very cute video…great job!!! I love all the games you showed and I really like the snowball toss…so cute!!!❤️❤️❤️

  15. Those games are awesome. I really hope I can find them. I love how you make the holidays so fun for your family.

  16. How much fun! We'd love to find that couple game for sure. Tfs.

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