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BULLY Imposter Role in Among Us…

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Today, the crewmates have to go up against the Bully Imposter! They have a whole slew of terrible abilities like giving swirlies, wedgies, and hanging the crewmates up by the flag pole! Can they take down this brute? Let’s find out!

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of bullying, get help now at the following link:

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  1. Can you do Sonic.EXE Impostor Rolr Next Pls 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Do a video: FLIQPY Imposter Role in Among Us

  3. Can you guys you guys want to play Among Us with me

  4. Oi bully Ur so old that time is younger then u

  5. Bully : Ur so ugly
    Me : I was trying to look like u 😎😎
    Bully : u know that zombie eat brains
    Bully 2 : yeah that's why nerd girl is safe
    Me : and so are u two 😎😎
    Bully : ur not smart
    Me : stop rubing off on me 😎😎

  6. Why did Clogsworth said "oh! im in my element"

  7. Иван ты русский скажи?

  8. จูกัส โกพลรัตน์ says:

    mini nerf fire

  9. By the way bully-y=bull Bull: kinda sus

  10. Waiting for the day that baggy is the imp because he always gets bullied

  11. i got a joke, what do you call a bully that can turn into a bull, a bull-y, got it?

  12. is it me or is the windows too old, cuz it's windows 95 you can say by the windows logo

  13. I like the character of pumpkin, but I’m not a huge fan of Ivan

  14. Why do pumpkin and happy sound so similar. Probably the same voice actor, but try changing one of their voices if pumpkin ever appears again

  15. Hey dude it's me sukuna 😂
    Nice vid i like it💙💙

  16. Do Bob From FNF and Engineer and Captain call him drea

  17. Clogsworth: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Bully: you got issues
    Me: Looks fun but also I said skill issue

  18. The bully looks so dumb at his final form

  19. When the bully did recess they could use an auto clicker, change it from left click to right click and then IMPOSIBLE DODGING!

  20. Khalon: the sonic.exe mod;

    He can jumpscare crewmates to make them go slower, (that takes for 10 seconds for that to wear off), he can scratch crewmates to make them lose their health, he can teleport, he can infect crewmates into majin crewmates, (he can only do that if he’s majin sonic), he can summon a screen with a bunch of majin Sonics, (he can only do that if he’s majin sonic), he can summon bushes that eat crewmates (that’s a trap)(he can only do that if he’s lord X), he can grow bigger, (he can only do that if he’s lord X),

    The only way to defeat sonic.exe/majin sonic/Lord X is to do it all of your tasks, if all of their tasks are done then they can click the super saiyan button and become super Saiyan, once they become super Saiyan, find the imposter and use your laser energy on him, once you did, sonic.exe/majin sonic/Lord X Will disappear out of existence.

    Map: poles
    Decorations for map: tails’ black head on a wooden pole, Eggman’s white head on the ground, knuckles‘ dark red head hanging, so many dead animals on the ground.

    🤞hopefully this gets noticed🤞

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