Can You Name These 28 Christmas Movies From A Photo? -

Can You Name These 28 Christmas Movies From A Photo?

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It’s another Christmas quiz: guess the Christmas movie! Can you recognise the 28 Christmas movies I have included in this quiz from just one movie still? They are all pretty iconic and popular movies so I’m expecting some good scores here!

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  1. This quiz is not legit, where the hell is die hard!

  2. 1. Elf
    2.Home Alone
    5.How the grinch stole christmas
    6. the polar express
    7.The Santa Clause
    8. idk
    9. idk
    10. A Christmas Carol
    11. idk
    12. idk
    13. idk
    14. idk
    15.home alone 2
    16. idk
    17. idk
    18. A Muppet Christmas Carol
    19. Henry Danger Christmas
    20. idk
    21. idk
    22. idk also I’m bored

  3. my favorite christmas movies are both home alones, nightmare before christmas the grinch, gremlins, polare express, deck the halls christmas chronicles and elf also i got 27 /28

  4. 24 should be the nightmare before christmas

  5. My favorite Christmas movies the grinch Christmas Chronicles one and two and elf and pork’s press and we’re about to be probably home alone one and two

  6. HEY did you know that on question 14 Christmas chronicles is wrong. It is Christmas chronicles 2 not 1!!!! get things right people

  7. Almost all of them are my favorite. The polar express, elf, home alone 1and the 2 one too, Christmas Chronicles, Santa Clause 1and 2

  8. You said night before Christmas. You were supposed to say nightmare before Christmas

  9. i'm a kid! i don't know a lot of these movies

  10. Home alone and the Santa clause and a Christmas story

  11. I got elf, home alone, How the Grinch stole Christmas real life version, polar express, The Santa Claus, A Christmas Carol, Christmas Chronicles, Home alone 2, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Deck the halls, Last Christmas, and The nightmare before Christmas so a lot of them lol

  12. I like how the grinch stole Christmas, both home alone ,elf, deck the halls , the polar express

  13. It's "NightMARE Before Christmas", not just 'night'

  14. I got 16/28 right my favorite Christmas movies are frosty the snowman,Santa clause is coming to town,Christmas vacation,how the grinch stole Christmas,Christmas vacation 2 cousin Eddie’s island adventure, polar express ,home alone 1 and 2 ,Rudolph the red nosed reindeer,and a Charlie Brown Christmas my most favorite is Santa clause is coming to town

  15. The nightmare before Christmas is a good one to 🎃 🎄

  16. Question 24 is incorrect! It’s the nightmare before Christmas!

  17. First of all, the NightMARE before Christmas isn't even a Christmas movie

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