Can You Name These 28 Christmas Movies From A Photo? -

Can You Name These 28 Christmas Movies From A Photo?

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It’s another Christmas quiz: guess the Christmas movie! Can you recognise the 28 Christmas movies I have included in this quiz from just one movie still? They are all pretty iconic and popular movies so I’m expecting some good scores here!

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  1. 🌲 What's your favourite Christmas movie?

  2. I think one of your titles should be “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  3. 4:54 it’s a Christmas prince: a royal wedding. It’s the second movie

  4. Very disappointed 'Die Hard' didn't make the list… It's not Christmas 'til you drop the Hans…

  5. Happy holidays everyone! This is how many people are glad 2020 is almost over! 😁🤗

  6. A Christmas Story? Last Holiday?? The Holiday??? DIE HARD?!?!?!? Where are those????

  7. Maybe they don’t see die hard as a Christmas movie even tho it is set during Christmas at a Christmas party where they are doing gift exchanges and there’s so many Santa/Christmas lines

    Oh and just so everyone know DIE HARD IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE

  8. Oh also klaus does not get the praise it deserves honestly one of the best Christmas movies ever made and you can’t help but hear Jessie from toy story from the old lady who runs one of the family’s

  9. #24 is The Nightmare Before Christmas, not the Night Before Christmas.

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