Chris Thorndyke Plays Sonic Christmas Games -

Chris Thorndyke Plays Sonic Christmas Games

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Merry CHRISmas and Happy Holidays everybody! Chris Thorndyke, AKA everyone’s favorite Sonic character, here!! In this video, I play some Sonic Christmas Flash Games. I totally win on my first try because I am an epic pro gamer 🙂 my skills are extra epic in this video!

☃️ Play the games for yourself!☃️
Sonic Christmas Game:

Sonic’s Awesome Christmas:

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🎄 Music Used 🎄
Magical Snow Day – Sonic Runners
Frozen Factory (Zone 1) – Sonic Lost World
Onto Grasstown (Christmas Event) – Cave Story – Siivagunner
Results – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS) – Siivagunner
My Sweet Passion (Amy’s Theme Sonic Adventure 1 Mash-Up Original+REMIX) – BetoCrazy
Frozen Junkyard (Final Lap/Goal) – Team Sonic Racing
Ice Mountain – Team Sonic Racing
White Acropolis (Snowy Peak) – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Death Crab Pursuit – Sonic Forces
Theme of Merlina – Sonic and the Black Knight
End of the Summer – Sonic Runners

“Chris Thorndyke Plays” Playlist:

Overall Music Used Playlist:

Thanks for watching! And again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


  1. you suck at sonic's awesome cristmas i beat first try christ-chan i'm not hating on your epic gamer skills im just saying

  2. Hey Chris senpai, I see you're having a great time with your friends

  3. Hey chris can you play another Sonic game?

  4. انت مضحك و مقاطعك حلوة و مسلية جداً = You are funny and your clips are sweet and very entertaining

  5. Chris that's sally acorn 4:03 if you don't know who she is sonic is in love with her

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