Christmas Emoji Fitness Challenge | Emoji Pictionary Quiz | Winter Holiday Brain Break -

Christmas Emoji Fitness Challenge | Emoji Pictionary Quiz | Winter Holiday Brain Break

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Can You Guess The Christmas Emoji Puzzles? Winter holiday Emoji Pictionary Trivia Quiz Brain Break | Fitness Challenge

Solve the Christmas Emoji Puzzles. Look at the emojis and select the correct answer by performing one of the three listed answer choice exercises for 20 seconds! The correct answer will be revealed after the 20 second exercise following a 10 second rest with a new Disney emoji puzzle. You will receive one point for each round that you get correct. There are 10 total rounds.

And remember the best hustle is the Fitness Hustle!

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⭐️Intro 0:00
⭐️Skip Intro & Start Round 1 0:26
⭐️Round 2 -1:05
⭐️Round 3 – 1:40
⭐️Round 4 – 2:15
⭐️Round 5 – 2:50
⭐️Round 6 – 3:25
⭐️Round 7 – 4:00
⭐️Round 8 – 4:35
⭐️Round 9 – 5:10
⭐️Round 10 – 5:45
⭐️Final Results 6:20
⭐️Shoutouts: 6:30

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  1. Nara Mary Bianca Hitomi rethink your videos really cool we decided to contact you guys your videos really good we love it we love you so much on you know I live in America and we live in America and we love you videos we hope you will see are coming and put on YouTube like to see if you got it little really like you you're videos we want to watch a guessing game

  2. Thank you from Mr. Yu's phys ed classes from North Agincourt JPS in Toronto, Ontario! Have a wonderful winter, everyone!

  3. We LOVE your videos! Merry Christmas, joyeux noel and feliz navidad from Mrs. Winter's Grade 4 class in Edmonton, Alberta! 🎅🧡🎄

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out to our class! We almost missed it! We were so surprised! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. Thanks for another Brain Break! We always look forward to your new videos. Thanks for the many shout-outs, too! – Meg & Carmen's 5th Grade Class (Manhattan, NY)

  6. Thank you for the amazing Brain Breaks!! Can we get a shout-out. Ms. Decan's Grade 2/3 class (Cambridge, Ontario).

  7. We are Green grade 1 at Ayeyarwaddy International School in Mandalay Myanmar!!! We love this brain break!!!

  8. Thank you for shouting us out! The students were so happy to see our name. We love these videos and have so much fun. Thank you! Love, Ms. Morton's 1st Grade class in Fayetteville, NC

  9. Westwood Elementary LOVED this Fitness Challenge! Thank you!

  10. I’m a holiday expert my bro jolly rookie LOL

  11. Grade 7, Nain Labrador. Thank you for the fun time!

  12. Miss Alford's 3rd grade class loved this one!

  13. Do you have to read nose reindeer

  14. Probably one of the best "guess the emoji" games I have ever seen!

  15. This video is funny I love you you are the best you’re the best oh yes you’re the best I love you I hope you have a good Christmas kisses hugs I hope that you have a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good Christmas I love you and I hope that one day I’ll get to meet you and then I’ll be your most favorite subscriber and then I’ll get to meet you

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