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It’s time to look at games again. For Christmas.


  1. 7 7/10 outta10 7/10 as always kreal. Really sniffed that crime out by breaking into that house. Hope to return the favor

  2. Can I petition to get the "HHHHIIIIIIII IIIIMMMMM KKKRRRREEEAAAALLLLLLL" intro back please 🙂

  3. Holy shit. Kreal uploaded
    Holy shit. Kreal uploaded a Christmas video
    Holy shit. Kreal uploaded a Christmas video before Christmas!
    Holy shit

  4. Merry Krelsmas man, hoping next year we get more from you and friendos

  5. "I'm having a hard time giving a shit about this game"

    Me about Deadrising 4

  6. Santa my nutss… just kidding.

    Great job! You dingus.

  7. My favorite christmas game is PayDay2. You protect elves as they make presents: bags of snow for africa, so that they can experience winter for a day and make snowmen like everyone else!

  8. I have no idea why I love this so much, but thanks.

  9. 7/10 we never found out what tf happened to those elves

  10. Tell shammy to get off ass and make a damn video

  11. Merry Krealmas guys! Can't wait for xmas 2020 to get another gameplay video!


  13. Damm Kreal you're on a roll, how are you able to make so many videos so fast?

  14. There's no better feeling then waking up to a new Kreal Video under the christmas tree. Remember it was a family tradition started by my dear old gram gram.

  15. I honestly can't believe Dead Rising 4 is real, lmao a boss fight with zombie Santa Claus???? what the fuck is going on, is he the real Santa?? he has magic powers that block every exit so there's no way that's just a regular mall santa

  16. almost the best christmas gift i have ever received thank you.

  17. bear traps on Christmas, it truly is a kreal Christmas

  18. Someone should have told him that yakuza 1 takes place during christmas, would have saved him some headaches I think.

  19. Before Christmas, you've out done yourself. Happy holidays

  20. Kreal you uploaded too late again, Christmas isn't for another 369 days!

  21. Sounds like Papa General Sam learned to animate

  22. I wish you had more subs, I always have fun watching

  23. Kreal… Krampus… Kreal… Krampus… Am I onto something here? 🤔 …Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your holidays and I wish you a happy new year! 😁

  24. Bear traps as gifts? You must have played Underrail recently, those things are priceless.

  25. I sure wasn't expecting a Christmas video, not until february

  26. I finally took mandalore's advice and watched your entire channel after everyone bailed on me for new year's eve. Great shit 7/10

  27. Absolutely amazing. A masterclass in his own art

  28. Hey Merry Christmas everyone, I hoped you liked the one gameplay video of the year. Think it will be a Christmas tradition to do this, a throwback for the gameplay fans. (I did like looking at the Itch.Io games a lot though so who knows.) Be sure to check out my friend Jack King-Spooner's games here (including the Christmas one I played on the episode): and follow him here: I'd personally recommend Dujanah, it's my favorite by him. I'm going to link the other Itch.Io games too because they're all free and I want to spread the Christmas spirit through gaming as God intended:

    Chaos vs Santa:
    Finding Santa:
    A Christmas Game:

    Lully Muk's Christmas Adventure:
    Tale of Weisswood:
    (If you liked any of these games be sure to tip them if you can!)

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