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FOUR PE AT HOME CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY GAMES. ALSO GREAT FOR FAMILY PARTIES. My name is Coach Lisbona and I’ve been a Physical Education Teacher for the last 25 years. This Channel will focus on Physical Education in the gym, PE at home, PE in the classroom, rainy day games, fitness for beginners & nutrition.
I’ve also been running my own All Sports Summer Camp for over 20 years, so I can teach you how to start your own camp. I coach Middle school Soccer 24 years now and High School Wrestling for the last 20 years. The last thing I do is run Intramural programs after school. If done right, it’s a great way to make extra income.

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  1. Great job Coach! I’ve used a couple of your games for my distance-learning kids at home! I try the challenge and then they try to beat me. Nice and simple and ready to go. Thank you sir! 🎄

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