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Christmas Games and Activities for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Club

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Some fun Christmas games and activities for kids! For more Christmas resources visit our website:

Christmas Songs Playlist for Kids by Maple Leaf Learning:

More Christmas crafts, activities and games for kids on the Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Channel:

Download “Ho Ho Ho Christmas Songs for Kids” album on:

CD Baby:

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Teacher and Parent Resources

More information about Ho Ho Ho Christmas Song for Kids

Download Christmas flashcards, crafts, games and more from the Resource Library on our website:

Christmas Teacher’s Playlist Maple Leaf Learning Club:

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The Maple Leaf Learning Club is for educators and parents teaching young learners, ESL and EFL.

We share and discuss teaching ideas and methods generally related to Maple Leaf Learning resources.

As the owner of Maple Leaf Eikaiwa (Language School), Kenny King has been creating his own educational material since 1999. He writes and sings nearly every song as well as animating and editing most of the videos on our Maple Leaf Learning YouTube channel. A true creative goofball, he’s the voice behind many of the Maple Leaf puppets including Marty Moose.

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