Christmas Games for Large Groups -

Christmas Games for Large Groups

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Christmas games for large groups that are quick, easy, simple, and fun to pull together with just a few supplies. These Christmas party games have been used in large group settings, like church groups, as well as with my family. I’ve included a supply list below, verbal instructions in the video, as well as demonstration videos for each of the games. Have fun playing these at your next Christmas party!

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Supply List
For the Oven Mitt Game you’ll need 2 oven mitts, wrapping paper, lots of small prizes, and 1 die. If you roll a 6, If you roll a 6 or a 4 then the person currently holding the ball must stop unwrapping, hand the oven mitts and ball to you, and you pass the die to the next person to begin rolling.

For the Saran Wrap Ball Game you’ll need saran or plastic wrap (1 roll per ball) and lots of tiny candy, prizes, or money. Also, put jingle bells on the interior of the ball so that it makes a fun sound when it is passed around. Oh and don’t forget 1 die. Same rules as the Oven Mitt Game above when rolling the die.

Bobbing for Candy Canes requires lots of candy canes. Here is are some to purchase in bulk:

For the Sticky Marshmallow Challenge, get the regular sized marshmallows in bulk:

More Marshmallow Games to learn and watch:

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  1. Cute games for a crowd pleaser, thanks for the tips!!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out my friend ❤️ love your game ideas and your positive, funny and faith filled channel!! Keep up your hard work! God bless you and your ministry ❤️ we would love to have some new people come check us out 😇

  3. Love the video! Thanks for all the great ideas. ytmm

  4. Thank you so much for the ideas I’m hosting a Christmas party and was stumped on what games to play with my family I helped me think of some wonderful ideas thank you and god bless you and your family and YouTube channel❤️

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