Christmas Games Night, My Dream Car & We WON on a Scratchcard!! | BeautySpectrum -

Christmas Games Night, My Dream Car & We WON on a Scratchcard!! | BeautySpectrum

Molly Thompson
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Christmas Games Night, My Dream Car & We WON on a Scratchcard!! | BeautySpectrum

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How old are you? 17, my birthday is the 20th October
Where are you from? Beverley, East Yorkshire
What did you take at GCSE? Art, History, Textiles and French along side all of the core subjects
What are you taking at A level? English Lit, Media, Photography
What do you film on? For “main” videos I use the Canon EOS M with the 50mm lens, and I vlog on the Canon G7X MARK 2 🙂

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Molly xoxo


  1. Just recently got a Nissan micra a great wee car for me learning, the model I have is quite a bit older than the ones your looking at but would still recommend having a look at them , kinda reminds me of the fiat 500 In a way !! Twitter- _holllyg

  2. Love all of your vlogs, so sad vlogmas is nearly over ❤️ my Instagram is holly.orlagh and twitter itz_holly_2001 ! This giveaway sounds amazing xx

  3. I got my ford ka from the car shop its pretty much the same as a fiat 500 just different outside body, I paid £4250 for it and it only had 37k miles on it for a 2010 car and it's so economical and it's so roomy especially the boot it's big for a car it's size 🙂

  4. love you and your vlogmas! Have a very merry Christmas!🎅🏽❤️ insta@ellabraun1

  5. omg that car is so nice!💓
    insta: @alishaamistryy

  6. That car ia gorg😍 my twitter is @jthelwell257

  7. Instagram- @Shannon_atky
    Twitter- @21_phanatic
    Hope you have an amazing christmas Molly Xx

  8. your vlogmas has been the highlight of my december! twitter- @nnicolemartinn

  9. Watching at 12 am on christmas day @planet_az on insta xxx

  10. Why do people (including myself) always apologise for getting spots, I mean it’s a natural process and everyone gets them

  11. Omg that’s such a cute car 👍 Christmas Eve luck hopefully I can win!! Merry Christmas Molly ❤️

    My instagram : @bronwyn_Hattingh ❄️

    P.s. your eye look looks bomb 🔥

  12. Molly I would recommend a car auction for a low budget, you get more for your money so a new car for a cheaper price! They have a bad reputation but it isn't true 🙂

  13. It must be a thing this year that everyone is getting a spot on there chin. A few friends and I both have one

  14. I have a blue fiat 500 which I have on finance and I love it. It’s so reliable for a young driver and I don’t see why I needed a big car when it’s mostly just me and one other person in my car. I also still manage to get my dogs cage in my car when the seats are down which is handy.

  15. Where were you looking online for cars molly? Looking for good websites to check, can anyone recommend good cheap car websites for me?

  16. I love family games nights but I'm way too competitive ig- beth,ebbutt

  17. Merry Christmas! Twitter- imaan_1234 🌻🌻

  18. Would love to try the being by sanctuary stuff 😍😍😍 insta is csinclairx 💝💝💝 also loving your vlogmas ✨✨✨✨

  19. I’ve always wanted to give the being by sanctuary stuff a try! @elisemasters_ xx

  20. I’d love to win the giveaway. Loving your vlogmas sm btw ☺️
    My Twitter: BethLouita15

  21. Sad there’s only one left @meganhelengainsford insta

  22. Your vlogmas has been amazing to watch!! Instagram- laurenamyck

  23. Hope you have an amazing christmas Molly!xx Insta – @alicesaunders_

  24. Merry Christmas!! 🎄
    IG tess_harrison8
    Twitter. tess_harrison6

  25. Thank you so much for vlogmas so far! My Twitter is @honeyb166

  26. Merry christmas❤ my instagram is @megyerializ

  27. Your hair looks so pretty with it being loosely curled!!!
    Instagram: xx.fatimah

  28. I'm on my second fiat 500 now, they are really amazing. Touch wood, I've had NO problems with it, in fact when I had a car accident it was brilliant in protecting us. They are adorable and really nippy actually!! Mines mint green with check interior, i always get compliments on it. They have a rep for being a girly car but who cares!! People who hate on them secretly want them 😉

  29. I won £200 on a scratch card the other week xxxxx

  30. Instagram: Maisiejackson_97 I HOPE I WIN!!!❤️❤️

  31. Could your parents not possibly lend u the money for the car now and then u can pay them back in March?? xx

  32. I have got a mini cooper and it is a really nice car, small and fits everywhere if you want that I can recommend it 🙂

  33. Molly I have a fiat and adore it!! having a 1.2L is much better than a 1L in like a 107 or up etc . What I would say with Fiat is get a lounge version rather than a pop like that one , a pop doesnt have controls on the wheel, air con or alloy wheels whereas for a little more a lounge does plus holds it value a bit more.    Best option if feasible is what I did after my accident , rather than take the money I got for my car that was written off and buy another old car … I took the money put it in the bank and go PCP monthly  so like I pay £139 a month on mine but for the first few years that was money from my old car but Im driving a brand new fiat. Worth looking into with you doing youtube etc 🙂 Brand new car at like 6/7K vs a deposit and £120-£180 ish per month. plus means you've got it for 3/4 years often service included and then have various options at the end xxxx if you've got questions lrt me know as I was between the two option for ages but when I got what PCP was it was silly for me not to haha x

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