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Christmas Games – Peep Show

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Whilst Christmas dinner is being made, Mark’s family play some games to pass the time.

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Peep Show is a British television sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.


  1. Here's how to do Thus Spake/Spoke/Sprach Zarathustra.Book.Gesture writing until they figure out youre describing the author.Demonstrate a big wide moustache.Then demonstrate he has a first and second name.Gesture for the second name.Clap your hands twice, or put two fingers on your arm (however your family demonstrates syllables)Indicate youre describing the first syllable of the second name.Point to your knee until they say the sound. That should help them figure out its Nietzsche. This will round down the number of books significantly. Demonstrate book again.Three words.Second words.Make a talking gesture.Now you're on your own. If your family can't guess from these clues then get a new family and try again until you get one that does. Patience is key.

  2. I like how bored every single character is in this scene

  3. I forgot Mark’s dad got owned twice in this episode

  4. There's always that pretentious pseudointellectual knob that picks the most obscure film/book/tv show that no one has heard of and expect them to know.

  5. Jesse Armstrong is one of the few left/liberal writers who can actually write compelling right wing characters.

  6. What game is this called when the person acts out a film and they have to guess what it is

  7. "Dan" played a good Russian officer in the film 'Firefox' if my autistic facial recognition brain bauble is up to par…

  8. I like how Mark’s dad chose a book he knew Jez wouldn’t know just so he could look educated

  9. Oh I'm sorry I thought you said "chicken run" hahahaha

  10. I love how the clip ends and right after the tune comes "Happy Christmas motherfucker"

  11. Take that, Nietzsche. Nobody wants your sick books.

  12. Good on jez. It's our responsibility to stand up to our friends bullies

  13. Brüno…Milk…Brokeback Mountain…😂😂😂😂

  14. The actress who plays Sophie's mother is in Chariots of Fire apparently. Wonder how it exists in the Peep Show universe

  15. Lmao, I was writing a paper on Nietzsche for philosophy class and this scene came on in the background xD

  16. What kind of fucking twat would ever tell someone to do a Nietzsche novel for charades. I love it so fucking much.

  17. The indignity of the public hip thrust 😂

  18. I'm so surprised Jeremy didn't read that.

  19. The only way I can think of doing "Thus Spake Zarathustra" in Charades is to do a sign for a book and music and then mime the "ape discovering that a bone can be used as a weapon" scene from "2001 A Space Odyssey"

  20. That is actually such a genius way to get out of his bullshit situation lol

  21. The delivery of "It's a book by Nietzche" is brilliant.

  22. Jez is actually quite principled and ballsy when he wants to be.

  23. “Thus spake Zarathustra” “it’s a book by naaaature”😂😂

  24. Marks dad is actually one of the best one off characters but he ain’t no big mad Andy

  25. I love how Mark's dad tried to say "Brokebackmountain" as one word.

  26. Pretty stiff competition to be the biggest twat on the show

  27. Adults without kids is always an awkward Christmas.

  28. Hahaha I love how his dad just lists of movies with gay main characters before marks actually started acting out

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