Christmas Games Recap + Broncos Fire Hackett | Around the NFL Podcast -

Christmas Games Recap + Broncos Fire Hackett | Around the NFL Podcast

Around the NFL Podcast
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A virtual room filled with a couple heroes – Gregg Rosenthal and Marc Sessler recap the rest of Week 16, from the Saturday night game through Sunday night’s matchup. Gregg and Marc also react to the Broncos firing Nathaniel Hackett after Sunday’s loss with more discussion to come on Tuesday’s show.

0:00 Start
1:44 Packers at Dolphins
13:47 Raiders at Steelers
21:42 Buccaneers at Cardinals
29:28 Broncos at Rams/Hackett news


  1. I love the commentary, but throw some football (playback) in there. You guys get a little dry when you just drone on and on. 😣

  2. Two videos in a row and I'm the first commentor. Hell yeah. Love you ATL guys

  3. The visual experience of this episode is dominated by Gregg's hat… No 🧢

  4. Who had a faster decline? Russell Westbrook or Russell Wilson?

  5. Guest appearance by Mark's cat Chumbawamba at 26:27. Not a cooperative guest. Had to be forced off the set.

  6. I think Tua is being exposed. It's easy to have a few good games with exceptional weapons and a great scheme. Look at Goff in LA.

  7. You never want gravedigger locking up your team.

  8. Greg looks like a little kid, wearing an oversized batting helmet

  9. That is a GIANT hat. …or a tiny head.

  10. Please don't see only the bad in Brady. Even in this game, he had a great achievement, he finally beat a third string QB.

  11. I really appreciate Marc's dedication to his profession! Delivering us great football analysis while spending Boxing Day in prison, fighting a savage wilder beast and having to do the podcast with a drug dealer. Truly admirable!

  12. Raiders and Dolphins should do everything humanly possible to force a trade for Lamar Jackson you plug Lamar into both situations they’re real Super Bowl contenders shit plug him into the Jets and Broncos but Miami and Vegas have legit number one game changing receivers right now in their prime

  13. Personally I think the cat was again the star of the show.

  14. Cant help but wonder if Dan's kid burned the living room.

  15. Did Gregg get his hat from Brian Robinson?

  16. TUA got concussed with 2:40 left in the 2 nd Quarter… So there you have it ….

  17. Santa Claus presenting himself as the all-knowing rainmaker to save our bets really is a Christmas miracle

  18. Russell is such a pro he managed to get paid, suck and get his HC fired for something he did. I feel sorry for the Broncos fans that got bent over and f**ked in the ass 🙁

  19. This is the real Tua, he's a middling QB, slightly better version of Faker Gayfield.

  20. Whatever drugs Marc is on I want some, Squeelers is not winning this weekend and it's the end of Tomlin's undefeated streak!

  21. Brady… having a midlife crisis and his trash wife left him to go whore it up one last time. Thats probably why he sounds like s***. And all the feminist media shi***ng on him like his wife leaving was a women's liberation protest.

  22. Having had to sit on his sofa whilst Wilson, Ryan and Wentz got snapped up in the off-season, Baker Mayfield has got to be feeling a lot better about himself!

  23. Come on Triple G! You wear a hat (granted, maybe you have a bad hair day), but look up at the camera more. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m sure you need to look down for certain points you’ve written, but for the YouTube video, we just spend the majority of the time looking at the lower half of your face and at the peak of your hat.

    Anyway, my grumpiness aside, thanks for the podcast and analysis just after Christmas. I hope you’ve all had a great time. All the best to you, your families and everyone involved.

  24. Patrick Star roasting Mr Unlimited on Christmas was the best gift a Hawks fan could ask for.

  25. Why do people keep talking about Tom Brady taking the place of Derek Carr? Derek Carr is better than Brady. Have you seen Brady this year? He seems to only make plays at the end of the game and then "it's Brady doing again!" meanwhile he was good for the other 54 minutes. He is 45yo. Father time hasn't lost a battle yet.

  26. amazing how well marc and gregg get along when dan isnt around, hmmmm🤔

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