Christmas Games special Free Reward App! | Tilt Time Legit App -

Christmas Games special Free Reward App! | Tilt Time Legit App

Baroness Bonnie
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Christmas Games special Free Reward App! | Tilt Time Legit App

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Gameplay Show
00:51 Game Function Display
1:02 Enter the code to unlock all functions of the app
1:13 Exchange function display


  1. Hello. Still waiting if you can provide us help with our payment

  2. @Baroness Bonnie I successfully done the VIP rewards, pay pal rewards exchange but keeps resetting. Please help 🆘🥺

  3. I dont know what i happen i've been waiting for almost 5days processing to redeem my price and then after it just say that my application for reward is failed and it didnt meet the qualificatio, anyone who recieve price for this game?

  4. Hoax game app. Says successfully paid transaction but never received any paypal payment

  5. I dont know what happen, after saying that is successfully and send to my gmail but when i check my gmail and paypal account i cant find my widrawal through paypal..i dont know how long it takes after receiving,i hope they are true and they are following their rules.

  6. I have been playing for almost 2 weeks and have 5 transactions that say successfully but no money in my paypal what do we need to do

  7. I'm still waiting 2 weeks, you say let theCcode here – PLYACJA. That's my code, I hope you can help me on the legal way.

    quero receber meu dinheiro, já fiz tudo o que estava no regulamento
    (55) 049 988895338 esse é meu telefone
    Estou precisando do dinheiro
    Por que nem relógio trabalha de graça 🤑🧾
    Jogo ( tile time )$200/ $300/ se vocês me pagarem eu continuo jogando e ajudo a compartilhar o jogo e o YouTube


  9. My order record shows successful and says to wait for email but its been two days since then but nothing happens kindly check it…BD7UC5F

  10. Deze spel is echt goed je kan echt goed geldverdien mensen nlly moeten ook proberen.dan zullen jllu echt van genieten

  11. Dit moeten jully echt spelen je verdient echt goed geld ik ben almeer dan 10000verdiendt echt goed echt waarmensen als jully mee doet verdubbel van mijn en jly dan verdien je echt dubbel doet datdan dan zullen jlly zien en het issimpel doe mee

  12. How many days i will receive my price? It says successful but nothing happen to my paypal acct.

  13. Dont think this is legit I cash out few weeks ago and haven't recived anything I even emailed them and got no response

  14. I requested my second withdrawal last december 31 but until now its already January 14? What happened?

  15. This game is a fraud still 4weeks later im waiting on payout to paypal account..

  16. Baroness please help I'v
    $ pay pal credit I'm still waiting 4/5weeks on my player code is K67SD2G please help..

  17. Don't wait to get any money
    This only prompts you to view ads only

  18. Where is my money!!! Give me back of what I give effort to just have a money!!

  19. "3:30"
    Thank you so so much for making free money
    I can finally enjoy life because of

    අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  20. The apps keep on updating but I didn't even received a single pay out….I can leave a positive comments if I receive a payment even once….

  21. "3:30"
    Thank you so so much for making free money
    I can finally enjoy life because of

    අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  22. I had met all the required nu.ber of videos to watch, and my request cash out still failed after a week of waiting.

  23. After waiting a week, the interface suddenly changed and then all of my request payouts have been rejected. What a waste of time.

  24. Payment pending ,, this really tile time ?

  25. I play super dice game and I have win alot redeem and said that it was successfully sent to paypal account but paypal they said that they any got it so what do I need to do its over 5000 dollars and that's alot so thank you so much


  27. I subscribed as a VIP but no free 3 days trial and they immediately deducted $6 to my account. And when i play, still there are ads. And it has been 3days consecutively of using VIP but the requirement is still 0/3

  28. Ask ko lng po may pinoy din po ba nagllaro nito

  29. My mom too.shes still waiting to be rewarded…butbstill nothing to her account.

  30. I withdraw 3 times, it says "successful" but I never receive any money. ????

  31. The app says successful and I did not received any of those rewards in my account, what a waste a time!!

  32. Hi please fix i did cash out $10 and $0.1 but i haven't received a cent. I cash out through fast pay out yesterday but still nothing in my paypal account and yet again it says success. But nothing what ashame please developer send the money but in alot of time watching ads etc…


  33. Hello, I'm a Youtuber and I did everything that the Quick Cash Out EVENT asked for and I still didn't get paid! that the event promised to pay on the same day and until today 3 days have passed and nothing.

  34. Sir , how can i know that the money i request was on my account until now my balance is zero

  35. I am so upset I gave successfully play 10 games and you say that you have put it in my PayPal account and you have not put any money there yet what is wrong with you people cheat us and then even lying out giving it to us you are a bunch of asshokes and I am not ashamed of telling you that I hope that you loss your right to put your cheating games out there so that you don’t earn any more money I now that there are so many other players that you have cheated you shield be ashamed of yourself.

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