Christmas Games, Unboxing, & Coffee Bar // Getting Ready For Christmas Company! // -

Christmas Games, Unboxing, & Coffee Bar // Getting Ready For Christmas Company! //

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Today we are talking Christmas Games, Unboxing & Coffee Bar as we get ready for our Christmas Guests! Join me in a quick coffee bar setup anyone can do. I’m sharing 3 of our favorite family games as well as some Christmas ones and we unbox our brand new table for the booth area! Hoping you are having the best of the season this year and may joy fill your heart. Links are below for items in the video along with my shops. I found great notepads, pens, Christmas Coffee and more so check it out! I would love for you to subscribe, like, share and comment and Merry Christmas to all my viewers and my supporters, you know who you are 😍🎄

Poetry for Neanderthals:

Buddy the Elf Game:
The Christmas Express:


Blue Chest: (mine is no longer made, but it is a bombe chest so here is an inexpensive option)
Spoons: ( I just ordered these Christmas spoons!)
Creamers: (I ordered these since I got flavored coffees)
Christmas Coffee: (I just order these Christmas Coffees)
Christmas Pens:
Note Pads: (oooh! Stocking Stuffers! Huge Bundle)

New Table:

Christmas Playlist:

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  1. The little room you showed at the very end is so cool. I love the idea of making it a special place for your grands. They will have wonderful memories of playing in their special place that you made for them. 💛😊💛

  2. Hi Bruce it's very nice seeing u …Happy holidays to both of u …🎄🤶🎅

  3. Love the new table, what a fun place for the little one’s , they’ll love it, I have a huge closet in my house, that’s empty, just some coats hung, they loved to play in there when they were little, your going to have such an awesome Christmas with family, so blessed🎄

  4. Your video absolutely made me smile 😊 I wish I was invited for game night!

  5. You are the most joyful person I know… I mean on YouTube. You crack me up. Here you have this awe-inspiring house, and you don't want to just make it beautiful, you want it to be fun!


  7. LOVE Telestrations!!! The non-drawers don't love playing, but it does make the game much more fun. I'll have to try to find the neanderthal game. Our family would enjoy beating each other with a club. Thanks for another glimpse into your beautiful home! ♥️

  8. Thank you for the recommendation for Telestrations we were looking for a new game for New Years eve. I love your new table beautiful.❤

  9. I feel your pain with retirement. My husband has been retired for 16 years and we are still trying to find our boundries. I know mine, I just wish he knew his.

  10. We had a little room under our staircase in our old horse. The kids loved it!!

  11. Table is gorgeous! Perfection for your booth. And…I absolutely can relate about retirement. I chuckled when you shared the story of your organized drawer. My husband and I both retired about 15 months ago, on the same day…and we love it, though there is a “learning curve”! LOL 😂
    Thank you for recommending the wonderful assortment of games. Looking forward to your next video as I love your honesty and candor. Wishing you a great weekend, as it’s the last one before Christmas!♥🎄♥

  12. Love the idea of having a game section we love playing games also.

  13. You table is beautiful, love it! Yes we are a game family, normally all the games are kept at my sisters house because we seem to all ways end of there. I can imagine all the fun your family has! Merry Christmas 🎄!

  14. Love the idea of pictures of your grandbabies on the wall. That will really look cute. The room for the kiddos can be like their secret room! I'm sure they will have tons of fun in there! All great ideas once again!

  15. Our family LOVES the neanderthal game. Lots and lots if laughing.

  16. Merry Christmas Debi!! Your house is just gorgeous! I hope you have a cleaning service😉🎄

  17. Ok Debbie… this is the first time I have ever heard of his and hers laundry rooms! haha Talk about extra! You guys are going to have so much fun with the family and grandkids. I am getting on a plane to go see my grandsons…. ages 28,18 and 20 months . Will have a week with them. Can't wait!!! BTW .. it was me who said i fell in love with the black christmas wall art at Michaels. It looks great on your coffee station!

  18. Love your booth!!! Game nights are the best with family!!!! On my dad's side, we actually play bingo and poker on Christmas Eve. haha. We play all kinds of games at our home though!!! Have you ever played Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza? If not, you MUST buy it!!! It is by far our favorite game to play!!! You will never stop laughing! Also, you have an elevator in your home???!!!! LOL… I am jealous!!! I hate going up and down our stairs carrying things!!! Oh my goodess, I love that sweet baby picture! I just can't believe Christmas is already next week!

  19. I have to have my coffee bar also. I have tried and tried but I just don’t like the taste of the sugar free syrups or anything sugar free. It was easier for me just to cut back on sugar.

  20. Thank you for the game ideas. We got one called Relative Insanity, so fun!

  21. I wish I was a guest at your home for Christmas, the detail you put into everything is so special. Your family will have a wonderful Christmas with you. X

  22. Debbie, I found myself laughing at the “crossing the boundaries” conversation, I can SO relate. Since Covid, my hubby has been working from home, so it almost feels like he’s retired. I find things, as I would say,“squirreled” away in many different places on a daily basis, it’s like a game of musical chairs. Hehe! I’m glad you shared the games, I’m going to get a few of those, sounds fun! Love the new table and that area beneath the stairs, the kids will love! Thx for sharing and Happy Saturday! Xoxo ❤️🎄🎅🎁☃️🌟❄️

  23. Sounds like a fun family time ! Love the new table ! 🤗🎄🤗🎄

  24. Hi Debbie 😊 Love your table ❣️ Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅🤶🕯️🦌❄️⛄🎄

  25. We LOVE games!! We are a huge game playing family!! I adore that picture of your grand baby!! What a great idea for Christmas decor! I might steal this idea for next year! I love you and your channel Debbie, thank you for being here on YouTube and for being my friend!!! ❤🐾🎄🎅🏻

  26. The gaming table looks great with the curved seating! Your grand baby is precious! I love the idea of hanging their pictures above the banquette. Nice job with your coffee bar. Also, that a great area for your grand babies to play! They’ll love it! ❤️

  27. Debbie, love your ideas and the special place for the little ones. How precious!! Merry Christmas to you and your family🎄🎁

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