Christmas Games with Charles Leclerc -

Christmas Games with Charles Leclerc

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We play Christmas games with Charles Leclerc… you know it’s gonna be good 😂

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  1. Matt is in love ❤. He always blush when with Lecrec 😂

  2. Leclerc really gave himself to the flute in this one

  3. panic! at the pilot's fall out romance says:

    i love how charles didn’t have a clue about the old F1 song but knew the corn song
    he’s so precious 😭😭

  4. Every time i heard mariah carey all i heard was carlos saying it 🤣🤣

  5. You guys are holding the kazoo the wrong way💀

  6. F1 moment of the year is Charles playing "it's corn" on a kazoo

  7. Just casually wearing a million dollar watch

  8. The funniest was when he got tyre degradation and Charles is like “my whole 2022 season” 🤣🤣

  9. Learning to Kazoo for the first time is one of the most joyous things a human can do.

  10. “Thanks for reminding me Emmy whole 2022 season “ 🥺

  11. And buy F1 2022 they did… for Max.

    They also went photoshopping.

  12. Word: Tyre Degradation

    Charles: "Oh Yeah, thanks for reminding me my 2022 season"

    poor charles hahaha

  13. His "It's Corn" song was wayyyy too accurate

  14. Yeah, you both are playing the kazoo exactly backwards

  15. It’s official. Matt needs to be in the Ferrari paddock all next year. Charles will make Super Max get into Supermax by Abu Dhabi.

  16. after this video I fell even more in love with Charles

  17. Im Monegasque but Charles is too much italian in this comportament and hands to deserve the cityzen of italy and for love and passion to the red car Joyeus fetes Joyeux Noel et Bonne annee ❤👍💪🥂🍾👍

  18. WHy are they trying to play the kazoo from the wrong side?

  19. I'm just going to watch this as a very early Christmas video. 😁

  20. put some respect on shmoyoho's name for the corn song

  21. Charles – Absolutely not
    Mick – Obviously

  22. him watching, waiting and then blowing into the kazoo without success is now my favorite slip on the internet hahah

  23. i will from now on say "aabsolutely not" instead of "no"

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