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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!


  1. She has nice beautiful white teeth. It melts ms

  2. John from london……you are lucky you can mix with so many people……we are not allowed to mix at all with other households in UK… much corona virus !!!!

  3. Good morning,, Missing my home Philippines this holidays..A joyful Christmas Snow fam and to everyone.🎉🎄🎊

  4. A Blessed Joyful Christmas Finn , Sherlyn and Jake . Stay Blessed and Safe !!! Always having a Big Heart , Finn . Snowing??? Char !!
    God bless. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  5. What I'm early…Happy Holidays..Jake so cute.

  6. Gleòileg jól at Manigong Bagong Taon to you.

  7. Children in the countryside are well-behaved compared to here in Metro Manila.

  8. Hi gud am 2 days from is your birthday shey HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY may you more to come be happy and safe always, happy holiday to both of you no matter what stick together and grow your love with eachother makes us feel at ease and happy too greetings from me and my family a holiday full of joy, peacefullness and serenity to everyone your subbies around the world may this 2021 be your turning point to a complete family thnks for all your videos that keep us strong and at ease through this troubled world again a happy holiday every one

  9. Happy blessed n safe Christmas FinLyn, Jake💕

  10. It sure is nice to spend xmas in the philippines,not only that we have the longest but the merriest as well,happy holidays Finn and Sherlyn..may your coming year be bright and splendid.God bless!

  11. Wow! Joyeux Noel 🎄✨💫 Finn & Sher! 💕 Happy Holidays! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. Happy Christmas Finn, Sherlyn and Jake,,,God bless..

  13. good morning Finnlyn.. Have a great holiday.. And God bless you always guys..🎄🎄😊😊🙏🙏🤙🤙

  14. LMAO at Jake reaction to his present, lovely and hope you also have a great Christmas Sherlyn, Finn and Jake. Thanks for all the great videos and best wishes for 2021 from Melbourne Australia

  15. Jake is so cute he always join the activities he so cute to open his gift…Jake you still scared in toys that battery…Hahahaha

  16. Finn, that’s not spaghetti. That’s Bam-i (pancit canton mixed with vermicelli). It’s my favorite kind of pancit. Hahaha…first time snowing in the Philippines and you got white Christmas tree. You miss Iceland this Christmas? May God bless your Christmas season with joy and love.🙏🎄✨☃️🎁

  17. Finn its not a spaghetti its a pancit..pancit bihon or combination of pancit canton and bihon…Hehehehehe….

  18. Happy holidays to both of you and best wishes to all your friends and love ones . A happy place to live where everyone is chill and simple lifestyle is at best

  19. Blessed Christmas 🎄 Finn and Sher!!! 💕

  20. Happy Christmas Finn & Sherlyn…funny how jake reacts to his toy😀

  21. yesssss! Sherlyn! so beautiful! i love you forever!


  23. Happy holidays to both of you. God bless you always.

  24. Goodmorning finn,shey n jake..have a wonderful christmas..advance happy birthday to ur lablab shey on sunday😊😍God Bless💑

  25. Maligayang pasko,Finn,Sherlyn,and jake,enjoy the holidays,always stay safe.

  26. You have a cute woman and have great Christmas nice couple

  27. Jake's gift and his reaction! Lol😂😂😂

  28. Foreigners Don’t Like Chocolate Presents I Think…Cause, Thats Normal To Them…Next Time Pinoy’s
    Kapag Foreigners ang Reregaluhan,someting na gawang Pinas…at huwag pagkain…puede naman Panyo
    na may burda ng pangalan nya o burda na mabuhay…summer outfit…na pinoy na pinoy…hope you don’t make sama loob sa sinabi ko…Peace Out and Maligayang Pasko.

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