Christmas Minute to Win It Games from the Dollar Store -

Christmas Minute to Win It Games from the Dollar Store

Brittany Flammer
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Here are 10 Christmas Minute to Win It Games with supplies you can get from the dollar store. Games are great for kids, family, friends, school parties, etc.. They are cheap, fun, and easy! Here are the games:
0:00 Start
0:43 Minute to win it Game #2
1:26 Minute to win it Game #3
1:55 Minute to win it Game #4
2:30 Minute to win it Game # 5
2:59 Minute to win it Game #6
3:34 Minute to win it Game # 7
3:58 Minute to win it Game #8
4:22 Minute to win it Game #9
5:12 Minute to win it Game #10

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  1. Loved the video of how to play and the list of inventory to play. Simple and sweet games. Thanks.

  2. My grandchildren 4 1/2 and almost 7 are coming for Christmas and I’m so excited excited to try some of these. Thank you! Low cost is always appreciated!

  3. I'd hate my family even more with these games.

  4. Seeing how everyone is happy together with their family this festive season still breaks me. After my husband walked out on me and our three children, it's been hard trying to cope without him, providing for them alone and the house has been mentally and physically draining, I can't even provide for my kids the Christmas presents they have all been longing for.

  5. Which is your favorite minute to win it game???

  6. Super fun games! Great also to do with the kids clubs/groups at Church or school.

  7. We love Minute to win it – We did a competition last year for Thanksgiving with my whole family! Such a BLAST!

  8. What great ideas for Christmas parties! Love it.

  9. Awesome! I have a party coming up this Saturday. This is perfect!

  10. Thank you so much for all the ideas! This is our family’s first time doing this. We have 13 people and plan to split up into two teams. Does each team just choose someone new to do each game so that everyone can participate?

  11. I’m using you jingle bell box game at my new year’s party this weekend. It looks fun and affordable. Thank you!

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