Christmas P.E Games | Part 2 -

Christmas P.E Games | Part 2

Dan Batty
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These Christmas P.E Games are designed for primary school teachers to deliver to their primary school children. These Christmas P.E games ideas and activities support primary children in staying healthy and active during the festive holidays.

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  1. Did this with a pre-school class. It was an epic fail. (Santa Swap)

  2. 3 more great games. Very creative and minimal equipment. Thank you.

  3. All of your activities have clear explanations and how it helps the students loco-motor and cognitive skills. And all under 5 minutes 🙂

  4. On Save the Snowman. What happens when someone knocks a cone over? Do they just set it up? Or are they out? What? Thank you.

  5. does anyone have Covid versions of these game, where we can socially distance and still have Holiday fun?

  6. For Santa Swap, I used polyspots with numbers. The kids added the numbers as they moved from spot to spot. Keep up the great ideas coming 🙂

  7. What is the real name of this game.this is very creative

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