Christmas Party Games 🎄 | #ChristmasGames #Shorts | MC Grammar 🎤 -

Christmas Party Games 🎄 | #ChristmasGames #Shorts | MC Grammar 🎤

MC Grammar – Educational Rap Songs
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Calling all little elves! Dive into the holiday spirit with our collection of festive Christmas party games designed just for kids! Join us for an exciting adventure filled with laughter and cheer as we explore fun activities perfect for celebrating the season. Let’s make this Christmas party unforgettable with joyous laughter and merry memories!

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***** About MC GRAMMAR *****
Star of Sky Kids’ Wonder Raps and World Book Day Ambassador, MC Grammar was created by award-winning teacher, Jacob Mitchell. What started in his primary school classroom as simple and catchy songs / rhymes has catapulted Jacob to international stardom. Whether it’s blending books with beats for his viral books raps on social media to his infectious grammar and times tables songs, Jacob’s action-packed educational rap songs and lessons are now shared all over the world. And there’s nothing stopping him now: history, geography, science…you name it! Whatever you want to learn about, he will rap! And it’s this fierce belief of his and understanding that ‘if a child can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn’ that underpins his mission, passion and crystal-clear purpose: to entertain, educate and empower our future.

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