Christmas PowerPoint games, free downloads. #powerpoint #powerpointgame #christmas #christmasgames -

Christmas PowerPoint games, free downloads. #powerpoint #powerpointgame #christmas #christmasgames

English Uncle Nick – 닉은 영국 아저씨
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I made two Christmas games last year and have remodelled and revamped and greatly improved them for this Christmas season. I’ve also added a third game which is not a template being pre-made and ready to go out of the box. The first game is a standard bomb game with 18 questions and an extra bonus round of six questions (taking the game up to 24 questions). Follow the notes in the presentation to guide you on how to play this game. The second game is a template for a reading game and there are two versions one for a class size or around 10 students and another for around 20 students. Again follow the notes in the presentation to guide you on how to play the games. The third game is one i’ve been using for some years now, it’s not polish perfect but it’s still fun and useful at the same time. I have also updated this game to now play in kiosk made and have corrected some small mistakes and an optional points counter has been added (download again if you wish!). The theme is what do you want for Christmas, I simple ask and answer points game. Again follow the notes on how to play this game.

I hope these three games can be useful for the Christmas season, let me know what you think!

(As a side note, I will add an extra pre-made game here soon!).

Santa Bomb game, 18 questions plus 6 question bonus round.

Santa reading game for 10 students.

Santa reading game for 20 students.

Simple points game, includes a song, 11 rounds, ask and answer format.

Pre-made plug in and play game for YBM Book 5th grade, Lesson 14 what do you do in your free time (Korean school Elementary book).

Below are links to the original videos that I made for these games a year ago. First one is the bomb game second one is the reading game.


  1. Nick, I’m Tae, a student. Thank you for the enjoyable class.😄

  2. I really appreciate your work!!! Thanks

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