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Christmas PS1 Games | Sean Seanson

Sean Seanson
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Tis’ the season, so what better time to check out some of the PlayStation’s eh… wide selection of Christmas themed games. Will we find a nice XMAS surprise or will we be treated to a large sack of coal? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Join me for some festive Playstation/PS1/PSX cheer.

Christmas PS1 Games – Sean Seanson
-The Grinch
-Santa Claus Saves The Earth
-James Pond 2: Codename Robocod
-Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

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Music from this episode

Daze Before Christmas OST
Jazz Jackrabbit – Holiday Hare OST

The Grinch (2000) Copyright of Universal Pictures

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  1. I'm so glad I found this channel. I've been going back to watch old videos and I'm amazed at how good you started too! You should go back to Grinch for the PS1 and master that jump this Christmas 😀

  2. Merry Xmas dude 🎄 looking forward to more videos to come

  3. 0:11
    Instant nostalgia rush, back to my Windows XP Family PC.

  4. I'm kinda surprised there's not more Christmas themed games! Though maybe that's for the best! Always wanted to try out the Gex series though, really need to get on that at some point, great video man! Oh and I hope you have yourself a happy Christmas!

  5. My favourite "christmas" ps1 game is Parasite Eve, and best PS1 game netherless 😛

  6. My PS1 Christmas game was always Die Hard Trilogy.
    HoHoHo, I have a machinegun!

  7. The Grinch on the GBC is kinda like Pac-Man, but with more ways to manipulate the enemies, turning it into a light stealth game.
    There were some games in the early 2000s that came out on PS1 and GBA. Mostly by European developers I think.

  8. Merry Christmas Mr Seanson, cheers for the gift of your content this year 😛

  9. 11:00 these games legitimately give me a slight panic attack thinking of kids getting some of these woefully bad games for christmas and having to enjoy it till next year.

  10. Loved it. But fucking n00b pole swing.

  11. Merry Christmas! Wow, that Santa game looks dreadful! My favorite PS1 Christmas day memory was getting Spyro the Dragon.

  12. Our old friend from ass to mou.. A2m ! Haha
    I just discovered you with your video on Small Soldiers (Christmas, nostalgia, watching Small Soldiers, thinking of the great video game, finding your video… ) and I loved it.
    You won a follower from France 😉
    Happy Christmas – Joyeux Noël ! (A bit late, sorry !)

  13. hahaha how many times did that penguin have to fall to its death across the world over the years

  14. 15:55 ha, his jumps sound like Gexs

    a minute later: oh hey, there's Gex!

  15. 15:16 Didn't know this was a parodied Robocop theme (could've guessed so from the punny title) but I really like it

  16. 14:45 this is not a port yes the mechanics and sprites are all the same even the music is just remixed. But every level is a new and much worse layouts and harder along with the Snakes and Laders themed level removed,along with the bertie basset looking enemy and the whole Penguin Biscuits level and all the Penquin sprites changed to Elves. Yet this version improves the final boss fight giving it a new sprite making it easyier to understand and even leaves the way you acessed cheats the same colecting items in the hub to spell out cheat but at same time removes the mirrored screen effect from one boss fight.

    All versions of this game PS1 onwards are based off this version with the last one begin on Switch.

  17. There's a Japanese PS1 game based on Raymond Briggs' The Snowman. Maybe that could make it onto your import wheel?

  18. James Pond is a great game series.

  19. 1:43 man i used to play this plataformer on a old digerati disc :0

    such nice memories 🙂

  20. I can remember seeing the James Pond games on the shelves at Blockbuster as a kid and thinking they didn't look like real games, like they had somehow fallen out of a movie or another universe. Something about them seemed off in a way I couldn't articulate.

    Figured out years later that's just the kind of vibe that a lot of games ported from the Amiga to the Genesis had.

  21. Dude you completely forgot about parasite eve.

  22. Gex?? Scott the Woz is frothing at the mouth right now

  23. dang Grinch's ost reminds me a lot of Medievil 1's soundtrack.

  24. The animation used for Santa flipping up ledges is pretty dope shit

  25. It's 1:49 am and that Ass to Mouth joke made me howl with laughter and now I've woken everybody up.

  26. Thank you as always! Grinch gonna be my Christmas game this season. But now I’ll need to teach myself to emulate Dreamcast games on a Steam Deck 😳

  27. You likely know this, but Robocod on PS1 (and all subsequent versions) isn't really a port; all the level designs are brand new and frankly vastly inferior, due to the removal of any hidden secret areas.

  28. The Grinch menu music gives me Medievil feelings. Also Gex 3 covers pretty much any theme imaginable, I rl love the game.

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