Christmas Race? - Game Grumps -

Christmas Race? – Game Grumps

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Santa’s got a brand new sleigh. And Arin is Santa.
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  1. Does it bother anyone else that the store is not sorted in ascending order by price?

  2. “I’m not going to take responsibility.” – Arin

  3. the music is the exact same as the menu music in the game 'go vacation.'

  4. Turn on captions for the jingle grumps intro lmfao

  5. The background tune sounds like the hook from "100 Years" by Five for Fighting, especially when Arin starts humming it.

  6. I've watched the first part of the video so many times just because of Dan's laugh

  7. This game reminds me of the Crossy Road and Smashy Road games 100%

  8. I feel like I'm the only one going: "Oh no!" when Dan doesn't. 😂

  9. Dan at 1:091:12 is one of my favorite things ever and i was recently reminded of it from game grumps compilations so yay

  10. The story of this game is that Santa is collecting the presents instead of making them and he has to get Down a mountain with what he collects on the way

  11. There's something truly magical about Arin raging at this game in particular.

  12. I just imagine Santa being like "ho ho HO-LY SHIT!" Right as he crashes

  13. This game is 99 cents on steam. For that same price, you could buy an Arizona ice tea in a no sales tax state.

  14. I am very mad that they did not come back to this game to unlock cool things

  15. With the background music I kept thinking I left a Ryan George video on in another tab

  16. I don't know why, but it just kills me when Dan says, "Grab your reward Arin." 🤣

  17. I have just purchased the first and second game (yes there is a second), and I will not rest until I have unlocked everything.

  18. i have a "feel good" playlist and this is on it

  19. I come back for this every year when the stress of the season has inevitably sucked the happiness from my soul.
    This video restores my happy every time. Thank you Jingle Grumps.

  20. Anyone else watch this every year around Christmas? 🤣

  21. Going for my seasonal rewatch of Jingle Grump Episodes. Dan going, "Santa going flying" as he's struggling for air absolutely kills me everytime

  22. Once Dan saw Santa going flying, he just lost it

  23. Looks like Crossy Road. Can I get this on Android?

  24. This is one of my favorite episodes, Dan laughing histerically and Arin asking "You like that?" All along with the goofy music.

  25. The way Santa falls in that "I don't care about anything anyway" manner is what makes this so glorious. 😂

  26. if this game is more than a dollar then its already not worth for me to buy it.

  27. I come back and watch this video when i have a bad day. It always helps!

  28. One of the most underrated GG videos ever, love coming back to watch it each year!!

  29. The short brought me here to re-watch it in all its glory 😂

  30. I wish they had played this when they were doing 30 minute episodes…

  31. Crossy Road but Santa Dies. My favorite!

  32. When I watched The Owl House series finale, this is what Arin's voice for Papa Titan reminded me of: 7:478:18

  33. I simply cannot get "Grab your reward, Arin! You've earned it." out of my head

  34. “Grab your reward Arin, you’ve earned it” never fails to crack me up 😂

  35. I can't believe this was 6 years ago. Time flies.

  36. was that crush crush in the stream library??? OwO

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