Christmas Race? - Game Grumps -

Christmas Race? – Game Grumps

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Santa’s got a brand new sleigh. And Arin is Santa.
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  1. Haven't watched Grumps since they started Doki Doki and continued LSL but did Arin's laugh change? He sounds a lot like Chris O'Neill. Sometimes he laughs normally but it seems like when he laughs at something unexpectedly, he sounds like a mini chimpanzee

  2. Why does Arin have to say my name when he's talking like Santa

  3. The whole first few minutes fucking killed me!

  4. It's like a screwy, sideways Helicopter Game.

  5. Sounds like the Grumps have had a bit too much eggnog. Ha ha. Ha haha. HA ha ha. HA HA HAHAHAHAHA!

    EDIT: Wait, is this another asset flipping game? I can't tell if this is biting Hipster Whale's style or straight-up stealing its assets. The developer, RewindApp, hasn't been on Steam long. Seems suspicious.

  6. ‘‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even FUCK


  8. Everything was going just dandy with Santa and his smooth riding sleigh, when according to Arin, there was an unexpected snowman. XD XD Giggling away like mad this Christmas day, happy holidays to all the Grumps and all the lovlies. XD (FYI this music was once used in one of Suzy's makeup tutorial videos and is just so darn happy sounding! 😀 )

  9. Hey guys, awesome Disney toys here, today we are going to make another fucking god damn bullshit gummy bottle piece of shit are you fucking kidding me, I make money with my Kermit the frog ass voice off of dumb children who don't know any better…..

    I think I blacked our for a second

  10. Danny's laughing near the beginning is like sunshine to the ears

  11. I Wish theyd play cube world together

  12. that damn 15-20 seconds worth of jingle is going to be stuck in my head now

  13. It's funny that they're so interested in the music, I could have sworn they've used this music in Cat Grumps a few years back. And I know Suzy has used it in some of her videos.

  14. this looks exactly like crossy road… but it's not from hipster whale?

  15. Gets home, finds wife cheating on him, OOOOH NO! 😂

  16. This was a gift, omg. XD Never would I have thought that a game like this would cause so much laughter! Dan and Arin losing their shit in the beginning was simply the best!

  17. I eagerly await the “OHhhh Noooo”/“FUCK” remixes…

  18. Man, I wish Arin had kept up the Battle Kid strategy.

  19. i ended up buying this game bc yall played it lol, and i've spent a few hours playing it. it gets way easier to control once you upgrade to the segway

  20. How did they play this for 10 minutes+? (I'm 5 minutes in.)

  21. Oh my god, Dan's laugh at the beginning puts the biggest smile on my face every time

  22. Ah, the video that prompted me to buy Christmas Race on Steam, play it for forty-five minutes until I could buy the segway sled and the batman santa, and then drop it forever. Good times. Lots of me going "Oooh noo"

  23. "Give me a hard penis FUCK!"
    – Arin Hanson, 2017

  24. Grab your reward, Arin. YOU'VE EARNED IT.

  25. "Why would they do that? That's Cruel! That's eh- evil!"

    I love the way he says that

  26. "this is just like battle kid"


  27. I want a compilation of every time Danny said "oh no" in this video

  28. It’s not much of a race if there’s only one racer

  29. So I'm probably the only person who doesn't understand the joke

  30. I truly can't fathom how this has less than half a million views.

  31. One of the only two grump videos liked by the NSP channel…

  32. Didn't know they played mobile games

  33. I like how they're into the royalty free music in the game, even though, back then I used to use it all the time.

  34. Did the game designers really expect you to play this game for 6 hours before you could get another reward?!?!

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