Christmas Special 2008 - Crappy Christmas Games (Part 1) *2009 Re-upload* -

Christmas Special 2008 – Crappy Christmas Games (Part 1) *2009 Re-upload*

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A re-upload of the Christmas Special from 2008, which was removed due to a copyright claim from WMG over the song “Wizards in Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Overall this was a fairly good review, it is not as good as the Action 52 review for the NES or Genesis but it’s a great video to watch at Christmas time…it brings back memories (mostly bad ones from playing all these shitty games, lol).


  1. Check his feed. He just posted a comment.

  2. at least he didnt take down all his videos like certain other youtubers

  3. Please, sir, at the very least give us closure: 4 1/2 years is too long to wait for a Action 52 Genesis review.

  4. Mikeyspiky, please don't leave your awesome content!

  5. Shame you didn't keep this channel going, kid. You could have been the next AVGN.

  6. RIP I became a fan when I was 12 or 13. Now I'm almost 20. :((

  7. Mikey was awesome. Could've been the next ten millionth subscribed Youtuber. PLS COOM BACH MICKY

  8. Just saw some videos on action 52 and saw and remembered this channel.

  9. You know, I wouldn't have minded his absence as much, had he finished what he fucking started!

  10. I would like to think that someday, Mikey would decide to rewatch his old videos, read these comments, and realize that some fans stuck around.  In that case, I still hold out a little hope for a proper final video. A little.

  11. I still comeback every few months or so hoping for a miracle.

  12. So I just found out what is going on with Mikey. He is currently running a business and is very successful, he doesn't really enjoy doing YouTube anymore. Sorry to crush people's dream including mine 😧

  13. This guy was fantastic. An incredibly intelligent and entertaining individual who went above and beyond with his game reviews.

  14. Watched all of your videos.

    One day, we'll get a miracle and you'll make more.

    One day <3

  15. Some days I wonder if this kid is still alive. I hope he is not dead…. Yo if you still alive make a update video for old time sake and see what you look like now days.

  16. I wonder, what would be the feeling if one hasn't made a new video for 8 years and still has 2.5 K subs.

  17. where are u, man. update us on your life pls. hope ur not dead. I used to watch you wen i was a wee lad :'/

  18. All these years later and nobody has filled your niche, man.

  19. 9 years ago. Dude you are a full grown adult now

  20. uploaded the EXACT SAME DAY AND YEAR AND MONTH the a certain scientific railgun anime season 2 episode 12 came out in japan

  21. 2019, and He's still pretty good, of only he'd return.

  22. "But when the world needed him the most…he vanished…"

  23. I hope you're not dead cuz you haven't making videos for a long time

  24. I miss these videos. Mike always made me smile.

  25. Man, it's a real shame that this guy quit YT. He could've been something big.

  26. I'll always watch the Action 52 review to remember Mikey.

  27. It's always sad to stroll through and find abandonded channels, many with so much potential. Many are still active somewhere online, and I hope he is too

  28. Yknow, I'm kinda surprised people are actively commenting on this 12 years later. I always expected this channel to just be completely abandoned and lifeless. In all honesty, yeah he had the potential of being a full on old-school youtuber if he kept going. I wonder where he is now

  29. The amount of activity in the comments section for such an old YT channel is pretty cool, it's clear fans have stuck around for so long, including myself. Heyo!

    I do miss this guy's videos a lot.

  30. yo, you probably don't log onto this account anymore but man i hope you're doing well lol

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