Christmas Special 2008 - Crappy Christmas Games (Part 4) -

Christmas Special 2008 – Crappy Christmas Games (Part 4)

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A troll thought it would be funny to downrate this video (what a wee bastard…) so you’re 5 star ratings are highly appreciated! Thank you very much!

The final part of the 2008 Christmas special for all these horrible, crappy and incredibly shit Christmas games. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the review – and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

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Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, I hope you all get something great under your tree!!!


  1. (Before anyone asks how I know this, I AM ALSO AN ANGRY REVIEWER FROM WAY BACK WHEN (if you've never heard of me, that's because I never found the same size audience for my work that Mike and others had for theirs, but because I was involved in the old community, Mike and I were friends who chatted occasionally outside of YouTube!))For those of you who are wondering what the hell happened to this guy, the truth is fairly simple: Once he started college, the man became incredibly busy not only with his studies, but also with the small online business he had in selling video games on eBay (perhaps to pay his tuition). This left him with very little time for reviewing games or playing them for that matter. He found a job he was pretty successful with later on. I forget what the exact title of the position was, but since I know he utilized the computing degree he studied so hard for, I believe it was some kind of computer/office job.Later on, he met the lady who ended up becoming his fiancé, then his wife and after that, the mother of his first child. Then at some point afterwards, he deleted his Facebook and since then, I have totally lost track of him.After what has been 13 years of silence and inactivity, I am beginning to doubt that Mike will ever return to making gaming videos for YouTube, but if I did it after nine years of on-and-off inactivity and experimentation with different genres of videomaking (see the "Greatexpectations320: Homecoming" video on my channel), I don't see why he can't.

  2. No, it's not the dislike bar. It's the amount of people who got brain damage.

  3. w00t merry christmas 😀

    ..does this mean you'll do CD-i reviews from time to time? :O

  4. next year I'm planning on doing one huge review on a tonne of CD-I games =D

  5. Merry Christmas


    When will you do more Cd-I Games like Hotel Mario

  6. In a review next year I'll be looking at a tonne of CD-I games, which include Hotel Mario, the Zelda games and other infamous titles.

  7. Scrabble box face, optimus prime and the reindeer characters make my day all the time. Also i think the high pitched voice was made with "sony vegas." Merry christmas ms200 and a happy new 2009 year from me. 😀 5*s

  8. The high pitched voice was actually done in windows sound recorder! But thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the review – and a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

  9. its sucks he cant attack and everytime he jumps it sounds like hes humping a small child….so very wrong. By the way im glad to see you reviewing again,i love ur honesty,any mick i wish you a very happy socttish xmas.

    p.s. Celtic rules!!

  10. I liked "When the saints go marching in" when it was on Starwing on the SNES!

  11. Merry Christmas, Mikey!

    And Scrabble Box Face!

    And Optimus Prime!

    And Rory the Reindeer.

  12. it would be pretty epic to have some of ur mikeyspikey charcters to be like co-hosts.. sorta like video game vaults from screwattack when handsome tom was around. i just thought this would be cool cuz of the end where you wished everyone a happy new year. anyways cheers!

  13. lol great review
    merry christmas and a happy new year mikey!

  14. 2:21

    If that's a remix of Jingle Bells, it's definitely the most off-key one I've ever heard of in my life.

  15. I think it's deliberately off-key, either that or they couldn't play their instruments very well

  16. so the cheif cant see i front but you get caught from behind

  17. I like "When the saints go marching in" in my StarFoX, not my Christmas games!

  18. The Scrooge in The Polar Express looks so very much like the Scrooge in the new A Christmas Carol movie…

  19. Magic red Santa powder was pretty extreme…hope I never see another game like that again. @_@"

  20. This review is legendary! Easily one of your best!

  21. Poor Santa…I would let him borrow my Sabrine MK3 from Tristania3D until he….erm….he is not in trouble anymore 🙂

    As for the slopes….well, Santa just need to work out.
    (And the snow troll laughing was stolen from the music software AtomixMP3 "giddy laugh")

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