Christmas tree money slide!! #familyfun #christmasgames -

Christmas tree money slide!! #familyfun #christmasgames

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  1. “Alrighty kids back in the basement”
    “But what about are money??”
    “Who said anything about YOU getting money?”
    “No, you owe us that money”

  2. The third one gets 22 because 20+1+1=22

  3. Lol like they really gonna get price money out this game, bet just for views

  4. Plot Twist: It Was Just For A Video, Never Got The Money

  5. "Alright heres your 100$"
    camera turns off
    "Okay now give it back"

  6. "yo bro u know what's 20+1+1 is"
    "your the beetlejuice 2.0"

  7. Why do I feel like after Taylor either wins or looses shes always doing something with her arms 😂

  8. Do they even get the money 💀💀💀

  9. I watched this about 4 times on loop before realizing. Lol

  10. teacher: ok class because 0+1=1 what does 20+1+1 equal?
    kid: oh i know! 21
    teacher: get the fuck out of my room

  11. Taylor eres malísima jugado ha esa mireda mala

  12. 20 and 1 +1 Hmmm i think IS 21 me : No iTs 22

  13. I’m the teacher here so let’s see 20+1+1=22 dumbo

  14. this should be in top 10 worst videos ever

  15. Jackson was my favorite because my name is Jackson 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. “Can I have my money now?” “Pfffttt… good one”

  17. 100+100+20
    Him: 200
    Him: tWenY oNe

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  19. “ I won 100 dollars… this is soo exciting.” 😐✊

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