Christmas Video Games: my favorites -

Christmas Video Games: my favorites

Jake Baldino
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It’s the holiday season so I wanted to talk about some games I play that get me in the spirit. Here are some great games with fun winter/Christmas/holiday season moments.

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  1. The original Shogun Total War always gives me Christmas vibes, mainly because I got it for Christmas one year. What a game it was!

  2. Dead rising 4 is also worth mentioning.
    It's not a masterpiece, but it's set on xmas, and it's simple gory fun

  3. Freedom Fighters has a great Christmas vibe.

  4. Jake, your awesome man! Seriously your genuine joy for games and good heart always come through. Thanks for being you, Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄

  5. As someone whose favorite Arkham game is Origins. I’m glad it is getting some positive representation. Since outside of the Arkham community, that is surprisingly rare

  6. Metal Gear Solid 1 is always my go to. Not only is it my second favorite game of all-time, only behind MGS4, but it’s just perfect as far as environment and dark cold tone is concerned. I feel like the game, although made back in 98, feels so immersive while you play it during cold harsh winters. Not to mention for me and my brother just playing that game around Christmas just brings back so much nostalgia.

    Mafia II also had a great feel to it in the beginning chapter following Vito’s life and getting back to the city he grew up. Miles Morales and Arkham Origins are great options too and they’re hero games to boot. Back in the day when football games like Madden were good, it was nice to play a match and set it up to where the stadium had snow on the ground and flakes falling from the sky. Blitz 2000 was also great, but that was mainly for nostalgia purposes around Christmas back then.

  7. Big pimpin ol G Jake lol happy holidays and wishing you many more blessings and much success in your life ✨️ 🙏. Thank you for all you do for us very much appreciated.

  8. Jake I have to say I think YOU would make the best video game. You have the perfect taste in things and respect for art/craft out of anyone on this Platform.

  9. Mario Kart. And Skyrim. And the snow level of metroid prime, Phendrana Drifts. Just perfect winter music there.

  10. I just learned this year most of the yakuza games are set in December..i only played the games this year but I'll definitely play one of them each December from now on

  11. This might be a weird one but to me Skyrim is a good Christmas. Something about playing Skyrim just makes me feels cozy and relaxed.

  12. The division was my favorite Christmas game

  13. The Last of Us Part 2, the early charpter in the town

  14. The Division. That is also centered around Christmas time

  15. Merry Christmas dude! Thanks for all the great content you put out.

  16. Great mentions. Max Payne 1 gives me Christmas vibes, maybe because of the snow and, Weirdly enough, the snowy sections in AC3.

  17. Funny enough I thought the Freedom Fighters snowy levels felt pretty Christmasy

  18. Arkham Origins was so Batman. Some of the moments are like straight out of the animated series (apart from the voices of course). When the bell strikes midnight and Alfred calls you to wish you a Merry Christmas… so beautiful…
    Also, it's an old one, but Serious Sam had a kickass Christmas level

  19. No red dead redempton xmas inclusion!???? New update!!!

  20. Snow absorbs sounds, that’s why it goes quiet 😊

  21. I remember playing Batman Arkham Origins literally during the the same week of Christmas like years ago while the weather was so cold, it was like really capturing the holiday spirit and capturing the harsh cold weather at the same time. It turns out that I like those kind of games too

  22. I think a game based in the Akira universe would be awesome

  23. I will die on the hill of Bully. Such an underrated gem that DESERVES a sequel

  24. DEAD RISING 4 was about christmas…never played it

  25. Bayonetta 2 begins with Bayonetta Christmas shopping.

    It’s cool that we have Arkham Origins for Christmas time and Arkham Knight for Halloween.

  26. Have a Happy New Year! Looking forward to watching your videos next year.

  27. Bully my favorites game all time need a sequel

  28. Bro Bully is a CLASSIC for when Christmas comes around

  29. The og lego star wars and batman games , specially on wii and nintendo DS has a special place in my childhood memory for christmas

  30. sam and max: ice station santa is a great christmas episode

  31. Miles Morales should sometimes have your webs slip off

  32. I mean The Division is a big wintery/christmassy game is it not?

  33. Origins was my first collectors edition of a game I bought, and I loved it from the start, it’s so good

  34. Would like Arkham Origins remaster, I re-played it last year on ps3 and the frame rate was horrible

  35. I've been to NYC around Christmas, and I can confirm your feelings Jake. NYC is magical during the holidays. I'm sorry that the horrible leadership has resulted in less safe vibes. Wishing you the absolute best in 2023. You're a legend!

  36. Arkham Origins is the best. It’s dark,cold you feel the Christmas spirit, music and all. Inwas disappointment miles was just one day of Christmas then the rest is just normal

  37. I replayed miles morales this year and had a blast

  38. Bully has a special place in my heart. First got it on PC as a christmas present when it came out and played it so much during the holidays.
    Both Mafia 2 (plase 2K, another mafia game set in Empire Bay during the winter of 1954, The Godfather vibes) and Hitman are also christmas games for me. But yeah, Blood Money is where it’s at. Shoot the iced ground spa and watchas you target falls down!

  39. I got a copy of Syphon Filter 2 on the ps1 during xmas time back in the day and that first snow level got me right into the spirit.

  40. weirdly enough i just play nostalgic games, they dont need to be christmas themed. for example i recently played the first sly cooper n the first two jak games n theyre still so good

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