Christmas VR Games Are An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why -

Christmas VR Games Are An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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IT’S CHRISTMAS! Which means it’s time to play and review Christmas games. VR Christmas games to be precise, because after all, every Christmas VR game is an absolute nightmare.

I go back to my roots and try a load of Virtual Reality games about Christmas, all from Steam. No not Boneworks… Maybe next time.

It occurred to me that every Christmas video game I had ever played was pretty bad, so I thought, would VR Christmas games be any worse? So it was decreed. I would play and review every virtual reality Christmas game on steam. And oh boy, there were more games than I thought. Virtual Reality is really taking off again, and since it’s Christmas I wanted to do some special VR reviews with my Index.

I hope in the new year to review the newer, more specific games that are coming out, but honestly, I really enjoy just reviewing as many VR games as possible in one go. As I say at the end, although I am am focusing on the downsides of these virtual reality games, making any game, especially a VR one, is an absolute nightmare, and I have the utmost respect for every single developer involved in each of these games.

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My dumb thoughts: Pixel art near the start:


  1. Tippy tree is an actual game by make anything lol

  2. Hey everyone,

    We're are excited to announce that Santa's Visit will soon be receiving a title update this Christmas with new features, toys, achievements and goodies for you all to enjoy!!

    We've been busy at work putting the final touches on the new content and would love to welcome new Oculus Quest and Quest 2 owners to come and experience the magic of Christmas with us.

    Hope to have it in your hands in just a few more days.

    – Virtual Anarchy Studios

  3. Hbahf stands down and keep up the good work in the orange area

  4. SuperAmazingRickSatan972StrikesBackOnceAgain says:

    i hate the defult skin my mom wont buy me vbucks so its all i have and all my friends bully me and call me poor because of it

  5. 2:12 There is something lovely about an English man spelling "croissant" phonetically—or at least phonetically for him—as "corssant."
    And I sincerely mean that; I find it quite charming. I am a descriptivist and I think so long as you are communicating effectively you should spell things however you damn well please.
    Just like how I like to use em dashes and semicolons in YouTube comments. So sue me.
    I doubt anyone will ever read this, this video being a year old now. But just in case someone does, I have a joke I can punish you with.
    I came up with it in my 6th grade social studies class, but I think as far as stupid jokes written by children go, it is a bit amusing.

    What do you get when you cross a breakfast roll with the Cradle of Civilization?
    The Fertile Croissant.

    Well I didn't say it was good, did I? More of a play on words than a joke proper I suppose.
    Anyway, I should probably stop typing to myself and go to bed before this starts to sound sad. Sadder? Yeah that one.
    Consider this a unique comment that boosts engagement. I think it might be the 2,000th.
    Very happy for you mate, nearing 1M and all. You deserve credit for your incredible writing and comedic delivery.
    Certainly better than a shitty pun about Mesopotamia

  6. Re-watching this in 2020 makes Sid saying "Enjoy your last Christmas Human" Far too real

  7. So i tried getting the picard sweather but it was solled out.But it was sold out so i got a t-shirt with picard on it that says make it snow(:

  8. God damn Brits! Why are they so fecking good at gaming reviews and comedy – Revomedy!? Is it any wonder that he's got nearly one million subs? Now I'm hooked – you bastard!!! More! NOW, DAMN IT!!!!! 🕹🐱💻🐴😈😈😈

  9. Those fallout bobble head tree decorations? Think I got the same set.

  10. That voice mmmm damn I'm not gay but shhiiiii

  11. i looked at your shirt wrong and thought it was something decidedly more phallic than what it is

  12. so here's a question … i watch all your stuff man love your work, litteraly have me cackiling if not every, then every other ep you put out.. but lately all your eps are showing up in my feed again as unwatched.. when i KNOW i have watched them.. are you re-poasting? is someone else reposting? is this the proof of the matrix?!?!?! tell me i must know!

  13. Have you tried SinVR? It is a pretty fun family-frendly game that you will have a lot to say about as a chemistry teacher.

  14. 13:52
    I feel more like these games were just models smashed together in unity to make a quick cashgrab.

  15. that one game where you throw presents into houses actually just used the base hand models/animations that came with the vr template project in unreal engine…

  16. As a game developer myself, I can ensure you, it is ok to shit such games, you make shitty indie game – you don't post it, easy
    Most posted shitty indie games are made just for farming money to their creators who clearly don't know how to make games

  17. When I'm writing a heated message I imagine his voice reading it

  18. Yo that Cherynobyl joke was hella underrated

  19. I remember one year a family member bought me a book shortly before Christmas and my stepmum decided that it should count as my present from him that year so stopped him from getting me anything else. I would have been ok with that as I enjoyed reading and this was one of those books with buttons at the side. While reading, it would prompt you to push certain buttons at specific times and when you did, the book would play a sound which corresponded to what was happening. I'm sure we've all encountered them and they are pretty fun for a kid (I was very young at the time). Unfortunately, it also happened to be a Christmas book. I don't remember the story but I think it was something involving Santa and the book was around 10-15 pages long, very short. I read it a couple of times that year then it just kinda vanished. It wasn't really something I could read anytime, being so heavily Christmas themed so I think I put it away somewhere for the next year but I never did find it again. No idea what happened to it. Anyway, I completely agree. Contrary to what some people think, Christmas themed presents are terrible. They're only really good for that one, short time of year when they're relevant. Any other time, it just feels weird trying to read, play, watch or otherwise use them. They invariably end up lost and forgotten in the back of a cupboard or something.

  20. Owen Jones called. He wants the centre of his face back.

  21. The Santa Girl puzzle never ceases to send me into giggle stitches

  22. The Christmas VR game should just be you with a Chocolate orange watching the Dr Who Christmas special with the faint sound of arguments coming from the kitchen

  23. Khajit has sold his last wares, followed by a plush sid falling off a roof made me spit my drink. Glad this got recommended lol

  24. 5:07 he calls her the female like he is some sort of alien I just thought that was funny

  25. normal cat eating: sipping
    Sid eating: NUM NUM NUM NUM

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