Christmas VR Games Are STILL An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why -

Christmas VR Games Are STILL An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN and 2020 is almost over. SO sit back and relax while we review all the Christmas themed VR games I could find.

I reviewed almost all the VR games that were about Christmas only last year, and almost no new ones were made, I hope I wasn’t responsible… So instead I looked to all my other VR headsets for Christmas themed VR games. We cover the Oculus Quest 2, the Vive, the Index, The Rift and I played some VR phone games… but they were terrible.

The Rift had a number of Christmas themed VR games that I played but didn’t review in this video, simply because they were terrible.

Anyway. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Enjoy my Christmas themed VR bonanza.

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  1. I can't believed i've watched this video so many times, and only now noticed the Everything Everything T-Shirt. Definitely a really fitting band to be listening to during the current times.

  2. 11:35 I have that exact same gas mask. I am more excited about that than I probably should be though…

  3. Luckily quest 2 users will not be needing the link cable to play pcvr with their quest 2 because of the coming airlink update

  4. "I hope this year hasn't been the worst year of your life" Don't put that evil on me man!!!

  5. 8:50 that bear sound seems to be a stock sound effect, because I am pretty sure that sound was used in the original Doom

  6. Too anyone getting or already own a "Quest2",

    Don't get the official "elite" strap, or any other official accessories. On Amazon you can get a headset and controller protectors, the elite strap alternatives are much better too. The link cable alone is 20$ and is usb3.0 and isn't different in the slightest.

  7. Can we appreciate that Matt have bought 2 new vr for this one video

  8. To play Fallout Vegas in VR, you spend 3+ hours Googling, installing, setting up, etc.

    When it comes to using the Quest 2 as a Rift for PC based VR games, and you don't even Google, "Any USB C cable oculus quest link", to find out that, thanks to the wonders of the USB 3.1 gen 2 (don't get me started), literally any USB C cable should work.

  9. I have a gamble between Christmas and doing nothing (that old carefree child life…) or doing Halloween for both my birthday and dressing up as a fucking moron.

  10. Why Do You Have An Insect Bite On Your Neck And What Kind
    For Some Reason I Think Its A Flea Bite?

  11. I played epic coaster a lot because it has free levels

  12. I don't understand why you need an occulus rift, cause if you have 5ghz wifi, you can play rift game on quest without any cable with the "virtual desktop" in the store.

  13. Did you actually make a profit for this video? Considering the purchasings you made….

  14. The festive singing drowns out the screams

  15. Your getting more and more pricey and funny each episode,

  16. I love the cheeky little home alone reference

  17. Here everything vr is at least double the actual price :")

  18. "I hope this year hasn't been the worst of your life" Is like telling someone with 4 broken limbs "I hope this isn't the worst pain you experience"

  19. The funniest part was when he said parks and recreation was a good show

  20. You are 30? You don't look like you've aged a bit!

  21. Technically the Quest 2 is more powerful than the Rift. It contains its own processor. The Rift doesn't because it wasn't designed to be portable, the computer handles all of the heavy lifting. That's also what happens when you connect your Quest 2 to your computer so you will need a VR ready computer to use the link cable feature.

  22. Jeasus this dude fell off of youtube
    Used to get a million views per video now he can't even get half a million :/

  23. Throws his money, headset and controllers around, while I'm trying to get 30 frames at New Vegas

  24. 5:48 maybe it’s the tape from the “a tv taped to your eyes” joke from the previous Christmas video

  25. Sid is more powerful than we thought , now he can inhale toxic gases without consequences

  26. I'm sure you've had tonnes of comments about this but I can't find them. That bear sound is in a fantasy sounds asset library parts of which are used in WoW, Oblivion, Skyrim and Dark Souls which is how you end up with, depending on what you played first; Bright red frog lizards that creak like skeletons or skeletons that bellow like colourful little frogs

  27. That’s not the Ghost of Christmas Past, it’s Stevie Kenarben from Malcolm in the Middle.

  28. Thank you for watching!! I tried a lot of new ideas for this video that I hope you all really enjoy.

    If you find these videos tickle your sweet spot consider subscribing to my patreon for extra behind the scenes videos!

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