Christmas VR Games Are STILL An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why -

Christmas VR Games Are STILL An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN and 2020 is almost over. SO sit back and relax while we review all the Christmas themed VR games I could find.

I reviewed almost all the VR games that were about Christmas only last year, and almost no new ones were made, I hope I wasn’t responsible… So instead I looked to all my other VR headsets for Christmas themed VR games. We cover the Oculus Quest 2, the Vive, the Index, The Rift and I played some VR phone games… but they were terrible.

The Rift had a number of Christmas themed VR games that I played but didn’t review in this video, simply because they were terrible.

Anyway. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Enjoy my Christmas themed VR bonanza.

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  1. hum i think that he might not like facebook

  2. Parks and Recreation just seems like a budget Office ripoff. Ripoff of the US version, not the UK version the US ripped off. So PaR ripped off a rip off. Why are you watching it again?

  3. You dont need a link cable for link. Just use a usb c 3.0 cable

    Also the rift is worse than the quest 2 in almost ever aspect

  4. 9:50 i just wanted to see if the oculus quest 2 could play walking dead saints and sinners

  5. Pretty pretty pretty please! Would you try out population one?

  6. Jesus I love the Spaced reference. Wasn't expecting that 😅

  7. You should try dishonored! If you want. I'd love it so much in VR

  8. A guy has painted nails and all the homophobes and idiots proceed to loose their fucking shit.

  9. Will McDaniel has some good Christmas stuff!

  10. A friendly reminder that this man bought two VR headsets for one video

  11. Dare I ask why are you wearing fingernail paint and a piercing?

  12. I got a great idea, since you don't use the vive anymore I'll take it of your hands at no cost

  13. for some reason this didnt show up in my feed until NOW. even though ive rewatched several of your videos again ang again. thanks youtube

  14. 3:04 nice to see at least one of the Chosen got a role outside of the game.

  15. “Can’t play rift games on quest.” Cough cough side quest cough cough

  16. Anyone else here from the Minecraft stream

  17. 6:05 Wii Remotes when they see that your tv screen isn’t broken

  18. You can use virtual desktop on the oculous quest 2 to play the vr games on your pc wireless

  19. Y-you literally can play rift games on quest 2 just by linking quest 2 via wi-fi. Why did you buy rift s???

  20. The quest 2 has better HZ and graphic than the rift on the pc but you were just playing bad game that don’t have good graphics

  21. I hate these nails and how dare you offend me. Lmao.

  22. i did not notice his fingernails being polished as christmas themed

    i like that

  23. "I don't know what's on my neck" don't lie that's a hickey

  24. HAHAHA I'm diabetic, I understand the ice cream maker joke completely lmao

  25. Looks like a Louisiana Steamboat on your neck my mann

  26. UpIsNotJump is currently at 999k just couple more so we can get 1 million

  27. Ya know. I just use the charger to connect to my pc.

  28. Fun fact: you didn’t have to buy the quest or rift or even use the vive. The quest has an application that allows you to wirelessly connect to your pc for about 22 CAD and even then you could’ve just used reVive to access the oculus store on your valve. Vive port is also easily accessible using the index as the people at vice are very cool and understanding.

  29. So is that a (@ 2:14 ) Doctor Who reference?. Great vid


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