Commodore 64 Christmas Games -

Commodore 64 Christmas Games

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The C64 was the first truly affordable personal computer and probably deserves more credit for revolutionizing the PC than it’s currently afforded.

Let’s Take a look at some Christmas games

Santa’s Boulder Dash Party

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  1. Your commenter says they want more christmas games? Well… I want more Commodore 64! MOAR! Can't have enough 😅… And no 4:42, not everybody my friend! Good luck with the channel mate! Doing awesome! Cheers!

  2. Great video Mike, thank you. I wish more Christmas games would be ported over to the NES, maybe one day.

  3. Great video Mike! More new Christmas games for your ZX Spectrum?

  4. thank you so much for these nice c64 games. I like it a lot!

  5. Thanks for the festive video. The C64 has some great Christmas games (and Christmas themed music demos)

    Special Delivery was a commercial game, at least in the UK. I paid 5 or 6 UK pounds for the Atari 8-bit version back in the day (not sure if I was ripped off or not). The Atari version is much the same as the C64 version. I later owned the ZX Spectrum port, which was a huge disappointing in comparison.

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