Cup Head Challenge - Quick Game for Any Group or Party #partygames #crowdgames #familygames -

Cup Head Challenge – Quick Game for Any Group or Party #partygames #crowdgames #familygames

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Perfect game for any party, youth group activity, summer camp, school PE time, or team building event. Can be played in a classroom or crowd setting. Easy setup and super fast to play!

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  1. Maybe the ones who have no cup on head should be out . Good for big groups and not so big hair 😊

  2. the smart way to win is to put it on your bun so it Does not fall off 😂

  3. Nice game bro , gonna play this with my cousins this vacation

  4. Cup heads in r/technicallythetruth belike

  5. this game didn't work for us. sometimes games just don't work, sometimes they do. thanks for posting

  6. I was looking for game and I got it in 20 sec

  7. I like it but make it have a vibe and it is a little bit boring shame but I like it ❤❤😢

  8. Looks fun! What is the lesson/message that we can share after this game?

  9. I like this game thanks for the idea will definitely take this game for our party tomorrow

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