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DF Retro’s Nightmare Before Christmas: Let’s Play The Worst Festive Retro Games

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Join DF Retro for an extended look at three of the least appealing Christmas games ever made – one for PlayStation 1 and two on the reliably terrible Philips CDi. Join John Linneman as he subjects Audi Sorlie to a barrage of terrible festive gaming turkeys. But do not fear: DF Retro returns tomorrow for one of the best Christmas games ever made!

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  1. You know, in your last video I made the comment that despite putting out 260 videos in a year you managed to make them all pretty good. And then you released this…😒 lol

  2. Games like Santa saves the Earth is such a good example of bad video game design. Not just when it comes to the art direction, controls and performance. But also the level design, where there are no direction for the player to follow whatsoever. It's almost painfull to watch these games in action.

  3. John in the his video 4 days ago: "this is the final video I will be relasing in 2019"

  4. Please next time Rayman 2 the great escape… there are a lot of version for Rayman 2 (N64, PS1, Sega Dreamcast, PC, 3DS) even a remake Rayman Revolution on PS2. i think was one of the best games in the 1999 and is a good game to compare all those console capabilites.

  5. John please do a video on modern JRPG (past ten years) visual style and graphics analysis. Marry Christmas to you & the DF team!

  6. Love those square root symbols standing in as check marks in the Christmas Crisis menu.

  7. DF let's plays are awesome, but guys, let's make a face cam a 2020 new years resolution 🙂

  8. Just watching you play Christmas Crisis is giving me anxiety…

  9. These are the games you’d get when you’re on the Naughty List.

  10. I believe you are being too hard on the cd-i.
    the cd-i doesn't have any hardware acceleration because it wasn't intended to be a game console, it was a multimedia center. after that plan failed they turned into gaming (which obviously also failed).

  11. If you asked me to name a christmas game the first one that comes to mind is Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare.

  12. What did the viewers do wrong this year to deserve this review for xmas?! 😭

  13. I think I'd rather watch Santa Claus conquer the Martians than play that game.

  14. Hey Audi, how's Wrestling With Pixels coming along? Backers got what they paid for yet? Have you bothered to communicate with anyone else involved yet? Nah, probably not, fuck all those people, right?

  15. Christmas crisis wasn’t nearly as bad as the playing. My god that was hard to watch.

  16. Could go for some Speedy Eggbert to balance out this Santa Clause saves the Earth

  17. A comment from the UK says, merry xmas? lol 🙂

  18. If you don’t like covering bad games, please stop. You could’ve covered Nightmare Before Christmas game on Xbox, compared it to Jack Skellington’s model and particle effects in Disney Infinity 3.0, or any number of technical and positive things. There’s plenty of better holiday-adjacent games to cover that deserve the time and attention.

  19. This looks like a first generation App Store game.

  20. Lol, fun times. Merry Christmas guys! 🙂

  21. John doing his own holiday version of Kusogrande?

  22. I think the flea-like controls are because the game is running much too fast. If you drop the playback speed to .75 or even .5 it looks a lot more like a normal platformer.

  23. You two are too harsh! I enjoyed watching this video. Game cannot be that bad 👀. Merry Christmas all!

  24. Everyone knows that die hard trilogy is the best Xmas game.

  25. I can't finish the video, I can just FEEL the terrible controls in that second game. This is worse than ISIS execution videos.

  26. Not quite the DF retro I was hoping for. Are we not ~friends~ John?

  27. "Can Santa curl up into a ball and drop Santa bombs?"
    "No but I will be curling up into a ball myself on the floor after playing this"

  28. These games would make anyone say "Auf wiedersehen" to videogames in no time at all. Merry Christmas guys!

  29. John can you also showcase "Santa Clause in trouble" from Joymania Development and CDV Software Entertainment AG? It is an amazing game for PC which exceeded the graphics of many console games at the time in 2002 but it gets Zero coverage as I can see. I remember playing it a lot when I was a kid.

  30. Saying it again, CDI has accelerated graphics, but it's closer to a home computer (and a rather mediocre one) than to a game console. Basically blitter style, accelerated copy, stencilling, colour replacement operations, command buffer. Just look in the bloody SCC66470 datasheet will you.

  31. I only really subscribed to DF for its retro content but this isn't really cutting it for me tbh!
    Joking aside, this was still fun viewing but i do hope we get a bit more retro content next year, especially anything Sega Saturn related but anything mid 90's to mid 00's is fine with me.

    Happy new year DF 😉

  32. What accent/dialect does John have? I’ve always wondered.
    Merry christmas, DF 🎅🏻

  33. "Christmas Country" is NOT a BBC cartoon! What kind of reputation does the BBC have for you to think that, lol!!

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