DO NOT Download These Christmas Games ...They're HAUNTED -

DO NOT Download These Christmas Games …They’re HAUNTED

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Playing 3 Creepy Scary Christmas Santa games today. Merry Christmas?

DO NOT Download These CUTE Games …They’re Actually HAUNTED 10:

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  1. Can we just appreciate Santa Claws wasn't bringing in killer raindeer?
    (lol claws)

  2. Is it just me or did I die of laughter on the first "spooky" game Lauren played. –

  3. Guys I think Jesus is Santa cuz he watched you if you good or bad

  4. Anyone else going to the comments mid video so you don’t get so scared at the jump scare 💀

  5. I don't leave Milk and cookies And I'm alive

  6. Reasons for and againstcertain holidays that i can remember. :> yw, dont care bout it, kay? Kay.

    Christmas-old man watches you all year for all your childhoon and breaks into your house 1x a year because gifts=its okay to stalk. Also, a guy is born.

    Easter-giant rabbit/bunny leaves gifts of its unborn babies in the form of chocolste 1x a year too, but why? Is the rabbit watching us too????! Also, a guy probably died 2,000 years ago and decided being dead was boring, rose up after 3 days, and lived untill 33 when two angel stole him to the prete —h e a v e n, probably traumatizing a few of the guy-s secret admirers who followed him since he was about…23 i think.

    Valentines-the one time of year(also its a week of love from the 8th to 14th) to let your lover know they are loved, it leaves out the single pringles for the cheap chocolate the next day, and….no one actually knows where it a tually originated from? How peculiar….ARE THE HEARTS WATCHING US TOO?!?!?!

    Halloween-Kids go around in costumes forcing people to give them free candy(the knly really good holliday imo) also, older generations were afraid of demons, they made outfits 1x a year and dressed up to scare them away. It was addopted by some religión, the kids got to have fun, they started demand–ASKING for stuff, which wasnt candy, it could be anything. Then eventually was made into a holiday for demanding for candy-Er, asking..Asking for candy.

    St. Patrics Day-Wait, patrik the sea star isnt green? Anyways, its a day where you get pinched by everyone if you dknt wear green. Who woulda thunk, forced and bullied into wearing green!!! Idk the origins yet, but…yeah. imma guess it excists because a lepracon stalks you all year or smthn
    Thanksgiving-a wholesome holiday where we get to be thankfull, sit around family and eat food. Leaving behind all problems for the weekend, untill you have to remember you have pride, ambitions, and cannot accept being weak sround people outside of your family and/or friend group.

    Independence day/4th of July-we blow up colorfull gunpowder because we killed people in the war as U.S citizens be cause a MErIca.

    Literally any other national holiday-made because we have to have holidays to be happy or to celebrate having something finally having it again because our lives are so …conviluted(ithink) we cant have nice things.

    I cant think of any other holidays, so…whoever gets to see this, yo. Make your own oppionin on a holiday or like…description of one through your eyes, kool.

  7. I forgot to give Santa cookies and milk One year and I woke up from a bang downstairs and I cried myself to sleep I was so scared😟

  8. One time I forgot to give Santa milk and cookies but he didn’t do anything

  9. 12:30 Not gonna lie, when the hands came out from under the bed, I got chills all up and down my spine. That was actually very creepy, and I wish I hadn't seen that right before bed.

  10. i never leave out cookies and santa does not kill me and turn me into cookies

  11. this is me after watching one of laurens videos🤐

  12. there is somthing dripping from the roof in the second game

  13. On the first game they was like she's trying let's just let her win

  14. The fact that Santa sees when he sleeping he sees when ur awake he sees if ur naughty or nice so a basically watching you-
    (I mean if Santa was real)

  15. And also if you rearange the letters in ‚Santa’ it becomes ‚Satan’

  16. For Me, Since I’m in Australia Technically She’s Late

  17. We all nw that Santa is a myth but elves and mrs clause is real.

  18. Decide on the big fan and I know like if you don't give Santa cookies yujiro kill you Hyuna come this year to your house but the Cubs the other people's come kiss house that's all I want to say and I'm a big fan

  19. I have one time forgot to put out the cookies and i am still alive

  20. 𝕜𝕒𝕝𝕝_𝕞𝕖𝕙𝔹𝕃𝕌 says:

    I never give santa cookies and im living and he stilll gives me gifts

  21. Normal people:I have a party for Christmas
    Lauren :I like sitting in a chair and staring at myself in the mirror

  22. I give father Christmas mince pie and brandy

  23. I don't always leave milk and cookies and I'm okay

  24. I've never left him Milk or cookies and I'm still alive.

  25. Actually if you don’t give him cookies it’s ok because I forgot it sometimes so I thinks just a trudiont

  26. I have confirmed, that if you don't leave Santa cookies. He will eat you. I am in his belly rn 🙂

  27. Saying I hate it solves all your problems!!!!

  28. Fun fact : Santa not real Fun fact : I like to ruin kids childhood

  29. hehehe 666k veiws mwahahaha he devils vdeo

  30. Bruh I already saw this on April 21 and I look on the views and there's 666k views :/

  31. do… do you americans put out milk and biscuits for a man that doesn't exist? like- it's just gonna be bad the next day. y'all english people are so weird

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