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Drunk Christmas Games (Beer and Board Games)

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Watch all the B&BG episodes here:

Laugh and drink along with us as we play the games Cards Against Humanity, Bash and more Mad Libs. Happy Holidays!


  1. Harry Potter and the chamber of being a motherfucking sorcerer

  2. not that I remember.
    but Matt invented BlameSociety with Aaron so yeh doubt he's not in one.

  3. @6:00.. wait… Dylan is the same age as me?
    wow… I feel somehow mature…. but less awesome…

  4. I don't know if it was always called BlameSociety but I'm pretty sure BlameSociety started with Aaron and Benson Gardner and Matt came along later

  5. I didn't know that. This always seemed like Matt ran the show. When did Matt join?

  6. The next game you guys play, ya gotta use the knick knacks from Bric-A-Brac theatre instead of real game pieces.

  7. i lost it i literally died from laughter im still hurting now, it just says on my gravestone "Couldn't remember the name so put bob, hopefully this is correct"

  8. Dave Bashews needs to return to B&BG in the future.

  9. The person who farted was Aaron or Matt because it happened before and I think Aaron is too civalized, Or was it Adam.

  10. 3:19 matt, where are you staring? Into the depths of hell?

  11. Being a dick to children is Tony Stark's super power.

  12. 0:17-0:38 Best. Beer review. EVER. I fucking love Matt's face. XD

  13. Paul Guzze with anything on his head is attractive.

  14. Harry Potter and the Chamber of AIDS actually made me cry from laughing for the first time ever. and i laugh a lot.

  15. wam bam trafic jam gona bash his head in the field of sand billy bod billy it up

  16. the chamber of aids had me in tears for like 8 mintues

  17. Omg Dillon trying to sing tht had me in tears

  18. Aaron, I took your advice, and I bought some Bell's beer.  It's Midwestern Pale Ale.  Maybe it'll be a beer I enjoy. 

  19. Watching late at night, trying to keep quiet so I wont wake up my entire family. was struggeling already when suddenly: Harry Potter and the Chamber of AIDS… Lost it completely!

  20. I seriously think all these farts is secretly Fuehorbe (if i spelled that right) or the beer wench

  21. "Who bacon farted?" The Grinch, of course…

  22. Cards against humanity is the best game I've ever played…Harry potter and the chamber of Aids… xD

  23. When i played this game the winner of The harry potter one was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Auschwitz i laughed so hard i couldnt breathe it was the funniest shit ever

  24. >Sees Season 1 playlist
    >First listed episode is Apples To Apples
    >Last listed episode is Cards Against Humanity

    I see what you did there.

  25. This was my first episode of B&BG that I could remember watching.  I can't believe how long ago it was!

  26. Wow, a video before Cards Against Humanity was a cultural touchstone 😮

  27. "buck jots" still makes me dissolve into helpless laughter every time i hear it

  28. After all these years bacon farts still makes me laugh. 👏👏👏

  29. To think, in 2011 Dave Matthews Band was only referenced. Now he's a regular guest!

  30. "Frosty the Fuckman"? I'm singing that instead this Christmas.

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