Epic Games Store Is Bringing Back MYSTERY GAMES! | Christmas Giveaway 2021 - christmas-games.info

Epic Games Store Is Bringing Back MYSTERY GAMES! | Christmas Giveaway 2021

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Epic games store is bringing back the Christmas Mystery Games and here’s everything you need to know about it, Including the First Mystery Game which was leaked!

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Gameplay Footage (Far Cry 6) :


  1. Can you notify us with a new video when the giveaway come plase ?

  2. 14 mystery games this winter must be good

  3. Many thanks to you for these extremely helpful videos my friend ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Study well bro and thanks for information ☺️

  5. your channel is the best about free games!<3

  6. This isn't gonna be that big. They're not gonna give away games like RDR2, but I'm excited about the repeats, since I haven't got most AAA games that they've given away. It's likely that the repeats are gonna be the AAA games.

  7. Hope they'll give some mainstream ones. Last year's was kinda below average but still a free game is a free game.

  8. They better not give far cry 6 free coz i am gonna buy that one in game award sale

  9. any chance to free gta v or the witcher 3 ?

  10. id be suprised if they put any assassins creed game here

  11. Last time the mystery games were really disappointing. 😀

  12. Wise man said keep your expectations low stupid man pasted 4 expensive AAA titles on the thumbnail to raise the expectations.

  13. Are you using tts? Because that is 100% not your own voice

  14. I hope is gta v again because I miss it last year

  15. Im hoping dying light will gonna be free I mean they will gonna release dying light 2 on feb 2022 so I think they will gonna give it for free(Just a wishful thinking but hopefully)

  16. I hope cyberpunk and red dead redemption 2 also I would like to see a come back for gta v for those who missed it last time.

  17. Yes, he is right 🙂 Now that game is free in epic games !!

  18. im from future, u have predict the first game right.

  19. Gta 5 online and red dead online is comimg free ?

  20. I hope we get GTA V for free 🥳 That'll be a great deal 💙

  21. Oh come on I just purchased Rdr last month ago

  22. Hi bro your voice is very realistic. Can you tell which AI TTS you are using for this.

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