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Every kid gamer at Christmas #shorts

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  1. This was uploaded last year on tiktok. Not seen before here on YouTube. I hope you all enjoy and hope you’re all excited for Christmas!!

  2. Bro merry christmas i got this phone for xmas what did you get?

  3. I got a laptop this morning 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I got a laptop this morning 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Bro Santa’s rule said no peeking 💀

  6. When you see a flat rectangular surface or a big boxy surface, you KNOW it's a game and just lose it 🤣

  7. One year my mom got me a ps3. I unwrapped it and played it and then wrapped it back up. My family jokes about it every year.

  8. My brother always says if you see what the present is Santa is gonna make it disappear it

  9. Who is watching this on Christmas day 2023

  10. I’ve never peaked at my presents, but what I have done a few times is shake them to try and figure out what it is.

    My parents no longer label each present, and they do it by the wrapping. So now each year I have no idea which presents are mine

  11. I'll admit to straight up opening gifts as a kid. I was too good at it. I felt like a surgeon. I feel bad now but I just couldn't wait as a kid😅.

  12. My Christmas wasn’t good I woke up super happy and remembered that in 1 am I saw my parents puting presents on the Christmas tree so when I woke up I told my britehr and my mom but when I told her she yelled at me and my dad was sleeping while we were opening up Christmas presents it was nit fun ):

  13. People who never peaked at there presents because they knew they would end up on the naughty list

  14. Back when I was a kid I used to do that all the time😂

  15. I never could bring myself to do this with my grandparents. When I was a really young boy, I lived with my bipolar mother and my dad literally worked himself to the bone and had non healthy coping mechanisms. One week before Christmas on my third one, my mom had a bad episode and she spent every cent of our money and came back home with a car literally full to the brim with junk; not even toys or gifts, junk from thrift stores that no one could use or want (thrift stores do have good items but these were not that). When dad came home, It was Hell. He had to work 12 hours for everyday up till Christmas Eve and he barely made enough to pay off our house for the month and the utilities (which Is what she was supposed to use half the money for, the other half for gifts for me and my other two siblings). I was really scared to leave my room when my mom was the only one there, so I basically hid under my baby bed for that week and my brother got me out by telling me everything would be okay. My mom ran off with the car to God knows where and my dad was on the couch drunk as a skunk. There were only three things under the Christmas tree, three checks for $10 under each of our names and my dad was so heartbroken that all he could say was "Merry F'ing Christmas!" and went to bed with tears In his eyes. I was so confused, everyone was telling me how we would get all these awesome presents and It's the best day ever but here I am, sitting under the most dim tree, with a piece of paper I had no Idea what was and neither of my parents by my side. My siblings were heartbroken for me (they were both 9 and 11 years older than me) and I just remembered falling asleep crying in their arms. By the next year my grandparents adopted us and my grandaddy got me up for the same thing and I was expecting a little piece of paper with numbers but there was actually gifts everywhere and a suction cupped Spiderman on the window. I wanted to play with It so bad but I never touched anything that wasn't mine (mom would severely beat me, even at that young age for doing so) so I was staring at It for a long time and my grandma told me it was mine and It blew my mind. I was so happy with him that I never put him down once, even when opening my other presents (which completely blew my mind) and I found out what Christmas was really like for the first time. Ever since I was old enough to make my own money, I have always bought the presents I can for my family and I would never let my babies feel the way I did then and for so much of my young childhood (It was Hell on Earth when my mom and I were alone). I still visit her from time to time but honestly never had that bond with her like most mothers do with their kids, which I have always been jealous of but never will let my family see (unless It's my wife or Aunt). I do remember my brother and sister using both of their checks and mine to buy me a three foot Donatello Ninja Turtle and you better believe I was sleeping with him In my arms, tighter than the bond I'd ever had with my mother, up until that next Christmas and beyond. I'm sorry to ramble on so long and If you actually read this, God bless but I just love seeing people be kids on Christmas and the joy that good people deserve on that day 🙂

  16. I didn’t peeked on my present and I waited for Christmas and me and my brother got a Nintendo switch with 2 games with 2 more joystick and it was amazing it was a surprise

  17. Christmas don’t hit the same as you get older

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