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Explained! The Mystery Epic Games Christmas Giveaway 2022

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We are going to cover ALL of MYSTERY EPIC GAMES and Beyond, so stay tuned!

15 FREE Games for Christmas 2022! Our Predictions!


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  1. Hope you get a better reach for all the gamers out there !! Looking forward to free games and your streams.❤

  2. dont forget 4chan video game article has information

  3. is it possible for spore to be free there?

  4. Only under 50k subs. That's a real shame, how much energy you two bring into your videos and always giving your viewers a short review on the said free games per week.

    I hope your channel will grow even more!

  5. i still remember when you had 1.6k and now just under 50k crazy ride this has been, keep going guys

  6. I'm starting to think that its just going to be GTA 5 again.

  7. If u guys havent covered this already Samsung has done a collab with Microsoft and u can now play Game Pass games on any Samsung 2022 TV , just by using a controller , no console needed! Pretty nuts!

  8. I want BF 2042 to be free forever.

  9. Will u guys get out of the free games genre i wod love to see u two playing a Way out or just looking at memes

  10. Brothers , what is the possiblity to get an Assassin's Creed game this mystery days on epic ?? .. Pls tell !!

  11. I hope this isn't disrespecting to say that I mainly watch you because you guys are kinda fun and the community is sweet.

  12. Already been a year huh? Time flies so fast now adays

  13. Thanks you guys, merry christmas to you too! The best Youtube channel in the holidays!

  14. I'll always be hoping for cyberpunk 2077 LoL

  15. Love watching you guys! Thanks for all the videos!
    I just checked the Epic game store and it says that a mystery game is going to be unlocked in about 4 hours.
    Is this one of the Christmas games?
    In this video, you say these start on December 15th but It looks like they're starting tomorrow.
    Unless I'm missing something.
    And no offense intended of course! You're both awesome and I'm just looking for clarification.
    I'd hate for anyone to miss out on any games.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  16. Proud to say i've been watching you guys before you got 15k subs. Road to 100k

  17. can we have nfs unbound by any chance….. its also new to the epic games….

  18. My predictions are terrible every year at this time. But I'm gonna say that many of the free games will be previous Epic timed exclusives like Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Kena Bridge of Spirits, Solar Ash, Among Trees, The Last Campfire, and Ubisoft games like Anno 1800 and Far Cry 6. Especially since Ubisoft is finally crawling back to Steam.

  19. I think they may give The Batman arkham trilogy again, to honor Kevin conroy since he passed 1 month ago, i would really like it

  20. I hope there will be some multiplayer/co-op survival games in there. There was once conan for free, but the developer wanted it to be taken down so I missed out on it. My friend found stranded deep boring, so we got nothing in terms of survival rn.

  21. We know that epic is going to give some or at least 1 AAA game, so my guess for that is either predator hunting ground or hitman 3. Both have been released 4 and 2 years before, they got maximum amount of money from selling the original game and hence if epic gave them for free then the devs and epic can get money from the dlc or extensions, It is not on discount (mind you that hitman 3 is always on discount even when there is no reason to be), they both have massive following that can boost epic's popularity, predator hunting ground is exclusive to epic and epic was known to collab with IOI to give hitman 1 goty edition for free before. I am not saying they will but if we look at the amount of AAA games remaining on the epic store, these are the best options

  22. i remember them giving us tomb raider trilogy and shenmue 3 last year, hopefully they give us nfs unbound this year since it got added to epic recently, yall deserve alot more subs tbh

  23. Maybe Assassins Creed Mirage??? could be too popular though

  24. Can't wait live stream love from Pakistan ❤️

  25. feels like a recession list of games if the decent one to start the list is Bloons TD 6. AAA games will probably repeats or FPSs.

  26. i hope get good game and happy chrastmasss allll

  27. my guess for first game; middle earth shadow of war

  28. I guess this year 30 december will give game (uncharted trilogy) or (god of war 4) or (rdr2) maybe gta 5 ı hope this games one give

  29. When I click the mystery game it says page not found. How should I fix it?

  30. you think south park the fractured but whole will be free? I wanna buy it but if theres a chance for it to be free I want to hold off

  31. So, it's most likely just indie trash that nobody wants. Got it. Hopefully there will be at least a single passable game amongst them, but otherwise, why even bother? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  32. 15 shitty games, you forgot to add. Because you got PAID for this sponzie.

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