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Explained! The Mystery Epic Games Christmas Giveaway

Should You Play It?
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We are going to cover ALL of MYSTERY EPIC GAMES and Beyond, so stay tuned!

Michal’s FREE GAMES Predictions!

Caleb’s FREE GAMES Predictions!

It will all happen here:


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  1. All games will be new right?? Will they giveaway same game which they gave already free???..like GTA V

  2. I really do wish they're games that are worth playing!

  3. Black flag with all dlcs would be the best Christmas gift from epic

  4. If we get Undertale and Hollow Knight im satisfied with that

  5. The best game among all the mystery games will be on 25th of this month

  6. Love your videos . Now I don't have to turn on PC login and login epic games every day just to see the free give away is not my type of game

  7. I remembered after a long time that there used to be two guys, I used to watch to know about Epic Games free games every week. I just remembered when I was writing your Creator Code in those recent free games. Like I used to write those Creator Codes as it became a part of Habit of mine.

  8. Years ago everyday i looked at the store and wished wwz would be free and BOOM it became free

  9. Will there be a Holiday sale starting next week and will we get 10$ coupon

  10. Caleb clearly is better, why are we still talking about this

  11. Hey guys I wanted to say this thank you for the amazing content I wish you a wonderful early charismas!

  12. Cross fingers this year that the games wont be Duplicates. And that their servers will be prepared this time. Last year couldnt get any games because of the ton of traffic in their servers.

  13. asholes at the peic games store are getting desperate for stealing peoples data…well I meant china….if they give you free games, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!

  14. Its obvious ff7 remake free game. If they can pull it off, that's a lot of new user myself included that held out for years

  15. FF7 intergrade would be the first one!! Trust me

  16. Watch both of u guys prediction I am excited who is gonna win the prediction

  17. Damn everytime I see free games was free from epic that I already bought from steam
    Make me hate steam even more, uninstalled steam and wont back ever

  18. We need at least 1 good action adventure game

  19. confirmed leak in epic games store mystery game:Shenmue 3.

  20. i have been watching you since 2019 when they gave away gta 5

  21. Cant wait to start watching your streams again, xmas breaks finally this week!

  22. Price of Horizon Zero Dawn in epic is rupees 3,299 and steam is 1,099 still.
    Will Epic give really Horizon Zero Dawn for free? The price is still same in steam.

  23. God of war or far cry 6 plzzzzzzzz 😭🤧🤣🤣🤣

  24. Now if only Seagate gave away SSD drives the way Epic does in games.

  25. Fortnite will give a free skin on the epic games store🙂
    but we don't know when

  26. Its nice they're doing it every day instead of weekly , now i don't have to sit in the corner of the room waiting for next Thursday haha

  27. Well i dont have internet to download these games because i play on mobile net but i claim these games for collection

  28. Some website said they will give away dying light it real ?

  29. I wish I had known that they giveaway games, I got to know at start of this year. I missed 2 years of free games🥺. Although I only claim those games which I like.

  30. They released gta 5 years ago watch dogs 2 ark

  31. I can't setup epicgames launcher on win10, errol: There is a problem with this Windows Instal package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.
    Can you help me!

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