Family Christmas party games -

Family Christmas party games

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  1. turn the table the opposite side

  2. Ez ez this is ez just move the table to the other way

  3. And it's 1 2 3 4 and just 1 move

  4. The second of the fourth, move to the 1 🤗

  5. Get the spoon and put it on the center of 1 and 2

  6. Counting only spoons from left to right, take #6 spoon (third spoon in the last four utensils) and then, move said spoon to the right of the very first fork, so that the first fork w/ said
    spoon now becomes a group of four utensils and the entire set is switched around as asked.

    At first I thought just move the person around, but nope, u do move one utensil and it is solved.

    I had to turn the volume all the way down bc the voice was distracting and confusing me, lol

  7. Dude is nobody gonna talk about the voice filter literally sounding like a demon?! 😂

  8. Take the second spoon from right if ur looking through ur phone and put it between the 1 and 2 spoon

  9. Move the second spoon in the set of 4 spoons and put it by the 2 spoons at the end

  10. Move the 2nd spoon from left (4spoons)
    Then put it in the 2nd to the last from right side(1spoon)

  11. Get 1 spoon from group of 4 spoons. And put/fill it in between of 1&2 spoons to make it 4spoons

  12. Move the second spoon from right to the left in the open spot.

  13. from the 4 spoon, remove the 2 spoon and place between the 1 and 2 utensils. and there you have it
    lol I got it

  14. move the second spoon from your right iof your watching or left if your the player

  15. I couldn't figure it out until I saw the first message. My 10-years-old son took 10 seconds to get it done😊

  16. he revealed it when he pointed at the 4 spoons twice

  17. She thinking too hard about it! Lol

  18. Your cousin has the iq of a box of crayons

  19. Oh my gosh I figured it out for the first time!😂

  20. Move the second spoon in the fourth one

  21. By moving one, you didn't clarify that it has to be the spoon. So, I can just move the cameraman 😂😂

  22. Dude it's so easy that it gives me anxiety it's not solved quickly

  23. The voices getting picked up in the background is horrifying

  24. thrid spoon in the 4 set moved to next to the one fork

  25. Got it. Move the spoon. Gave it away when he pointed at the 4 twice. Cool puzzle though! 🎉

  26. Move the second spoon from the right to left.

  27. Only a regard would have a hard time with this one

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