Family fun with cup game on xmas day #Shorts -

Family fun with cup game on xmas day #Shorts

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Family fun with cup game on xmas day #shorts
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  1. T'inquiète pas c'est moi qui va sauver dans toute la vie

  2. They got the girl in trouble for using her hands but not the man??

  3. The guy literally used his hands why can’t the girl do it 🫤

  4. Bro said no use your feet when the guy use his hand

  5. Are they stupid the have nothing in them bro

  6. Odkefkm de ch de ch d lkgck jrf y ev jimena

  7. Why did you call the girl stupid bc she didn’t get a cup the man didn’t either so pls don’t call people stupid😠

  8. Why did you call loser to the girl and please don't call loser to people and the boy did no win soooooo you are loser

  9. He told the girl that she couldn't use her hands but before he told her that the guy was literally using his hands

  10. Love🌹❤️💟💜💙🖤🤍💚💖💝💘💌❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥💔❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💓💗

  11. Why couldn’t the girl use her hands the guy did your going to lose your followers the more you do this it’s like we can see who’s the favorite in your eyes and we all know it’s the guy🙄

  12. So first he is not going to let her use her hands but the guy could and the girl couldn’t and then when he Had his last try he didn’t call him a loser but you call her a loser that is sexist.

  13. you lied he said it a Christmas party on Christmas day even tho it made on the 15 of dec

  14. I don’t like how they treat her like he used his hand why she can’t use your hand

  15. Who puts their stockings on the Christmas tree 😂

  16. man used his hand but when the girl uses her hand he says something

  17. غسيم يخفف عنبغن ال لآ هي بن أبي هي أنه في هفهتتاهبخبملمتالننلنلنلنلنلنبميميكيكبظبظلظلنانانانان654. %%%%%5%5%5%5%5%5%54%4%5%4%4%%4%4670553490669412587-+++-*/464

  18. Title: Family fun with cup game on Xmas day

    Me watching this on the 23rd of December:

  19. They told her to use her feet while the other man also used his hands

  20. Drfydtgoyfrdtfrfydrfiggigsyrfutdurdttydrtyrydyd23467öö0glgfxDg,💯🍑👆😡💛🔥🍑🔥🍑🍑🍑🍑💛🇸🇬😡🟡👆😡🏁🏁🇾🇹🇸🇬👿💥

  21. I hate the girl in the dress she is so annoying

  22. Guys it's "MERRY CHRISTMAS" not X-mas!
    "X" has nothing to do with "Christ" "The Anointed One" or "The Chosen One".
    Don't take "JESUS CHRIST" name out of the holiday.
    "CHRISTMAS" is combination of 2 words: "Christ and "Mass".
    It is believed that after the "day of Christ's gathering (CHRISTMAS) became famous and respected worldwide, Atheists and Antichrists made the wicked decision to change it, by replacing the name Christ with an "X", to mean that there is no Christ.
    It changed the meaning by making it "X-MASS" i.e. to mean "there is no Christ Gathering" or there is no Mass for Christ".
    "X" is used to remove, excise and cancel words.
    "X" has nothing to do with "Christ" "The Anointed One" or "The Chosen One".
    Please don't replace Christ with "X".
    "X-Mass" is Antichrists.

  23. there was money under the cup moved to the side 0_0

  24. When there’s a diamond ring in one of the cup’s

  25. Seeing how everyone is happy together with their family this festive season still breaks me. After my husband walked out on me and our three children, it's been hard trying to cope without him, providing for them alone and the house has been mentally and physically draining, I can't even provide for my kids the Christmas presents they have all been longing for.

  26. Legend says, they never found the treasure💀💀

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