Five More Christmas Games - Amiiben -

Five More Christmas Games – Amiiben

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Amiiben reviews five more Christmas games!…they aren’t good.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Xmas Maze
2:07 Santa’s Sleigh Ride
4:46 The Snowman
8:26 Santaman
11:33 Santa Claus no Takarabako
16:16 Conclusion & Thanks

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Have a Happy Funtime Holidays.


  1. Your Christmas spirit reminds me of my younger days in Croatia. The lobster admires your youthful energy

  2. Wow, puberty, lol.Another great Christmas video, Amiiben.You could always move to other older systems that have more Christmas games available if you ever run out.

  3. This was a great video! you remind me a lot of Scott the Woz, you should make a video about flash games! Maybe as a new years video? Merry Christmas!!

  4. Santa Claus no takarabako is how i imagine 80s vaporwavy xmas

  5. Love that twin famicom in the intro. Such a slick design for a console.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Feliz navidad, etc etc to everyone in the comments!

  6. your going to explode………………good editing,voice overs,animation…..

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