Free Games On Steam: Fun Christmas Games #shorts -

Free Games On Steam: Fun Christmas Games #shorts

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Two Fun Christmas Games On Steam For Free. In this video on the #shorts shelf, I cover two free games on steam that are great for the Christmas fan and stealth game enthusiast.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion is first up. This is a very well made game where you play as Santa. You invade the homes of families who have security bots and cameras monitoring their halls and bedrooms. Be careful as you sneak around and deliver gifts to the fireplace and the stockings at the foot of the kids’ beds.

Second on the list is Secret Santa. Another game where you play as Santa, invading someone’s home to deliver gifts. This one is more of the old 16-bit style game. You deliver gifts, eat cookies, drink eggnog, and try to escape. Avoid being spotted by children, snipers, and dogs, while dodging bear traps, land mines, and lasers.

Happy Holidays from Crazybassist Gaming!

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