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Game Boy Christmas Games | Pat the NES Punk

Pat the NES Punk
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Pat the NES Punk looks at Game Boy Christmas games in this holiday special! He tackles Home Alone and Home Alone on Game Boy as well as The Grinch and Santa Claus Junior on Game Boy Color!
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  1. Happy New Year Pat! Thanks for entertaining us all these years.

  2. These are great I wish there were more Punk Vids

  3. That's hilarious seeing Frank losing like that!

  4. Happy new year Pat and Frank! You guys rock!

  5. It's a shame Jersey is so no longer what it used to be. Noone even cares to get it tattooed anymore..bah!Oh and that was totally a green turd💩 in the Grinch game, a turd decorated as a tree, kinda like the 'Golden 💩' in Japan 😆

  6. I love the podcast and enjoy it weekly, but nothing hits the spot like a new NES Punk episode! thank you for making it and have a Happy New Year! 😀

  7. kevin def does that slide across the frozen pond when escaping from the cops after stealing a toothbrush that wasnt approved by the American dental association.

  8. You're one to talk about commercials. All you ever do on twitch is watch commercials. Play a video game for once.

  9. it this a hint to a certain gameboy book? 😉

  10. I love your podcast but can see why you didn't go into acting. Still a fun video, nonetheless. Thanks.

  11. At the risk of sounding like a complete late ignorant, may I ask "who's Frank" ? Is he a relative to Pat? Is he an old friend / coworker? Thanks in advance ^_^

  12. What about Die Hard the best Christmas game ever!!!

  13. Very nice. Classic Pat. With Frank. What the… you've wanted more? Continuation… HNY 😎

  14. I'm happy we still have Pat the NES Punk videos

  15. I am born and raised in NYC, and I can confirm that us New Yorkers always fight off attackers using knee slides, and our famous NY style pizza does in fact bounce around all over the place before being caught and eaten.

  16. Great video, alaways loved the interactions with Frank. I still remember getting my gameboy for Christmas its one of my fondest memories, this video brought it all back!

  17. It's Nice to see Frank and Pat in a Chritsmas vídeo once again, Happy New Year everybody

  18. Great to see Pat the NES Punk return !!!!!!

  19. The first episode of 2022, great. And I loved Fank crying face 🤣🤣

  20. Jersey!!! I'd love to see more content like this I know the alogrithim doesn't give the man the love he deserves and it take more time to make these but makes me happy

  21. Woah, is that Seasons Greetings banner from Lionel Kiddie City?!!?!

  22. He's gonna take u back to the past, to play those games that suck …lol

  23. Growing up my Italian family made struffoli every Christmas 🎄. It was fun as heck.

  24. Hey, at least you have the correct game in the Game Boy every time, unlike AVGN. Nice to see the annual video Pat. Make more please.

  25. Loved the whole review but Frank had me in stitches

  26. "Hey, you done with that games crap?"

  27. "Simp", lol! For those who were unaware, that term refers to the neutered white knights (men who ALWAYS defend women no matter what even if those women are complete morons). It stands for "Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pussy". It is the perfect label for those beta males. Anyway, great review, Pat!

  28. Those Home Alone games are NOT even worth playing for free via emulation. I also always thought that was so awkward when the fat Chef's clothes come off when you slide into him. Nobody wants to see that.

  29. I want a videogame based on the obscure no-budget Christmas movie, "Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny". That'd be interesting. Just saying.

  30. You made Frank cry! You monster Contri. How could you?!

    Great video. And as much as I love the podcast, I miss this format!

  31. BRO we have the same shirt! no wonder u said nice shirt to me at retro palooza Houston ;D much love man

  32. The is my first nes punk video and Frank is already my favorite person

  33. This is a great Christmas episode of Pat The NES Punk

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