GIRLS GO GAMES That Make You HATE Christmas -

GIRLS GO GAMES That Make You HATE Christmas

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Today we play some weird Girls go Games christmas games.


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  1. “How to play my sweet Christmas dress up”


    Null means no value so you can’t play I guess

  2. Why don’t you just use flash on chrome or safari or something??

  3. Funny that the mobile game ad before u started playing the instrument thing had an undertale song in it and then lol

  4. I feel extremely intimidated by Joinen’s cockney accent

  5. 11:57 I feel so called out right now. I used to (still do sometimes) play Star Stable Online religiously. It was my whole life. In case anybody was wondering, it’s a horse girls wet dream.

  6. Anyone know what the title of the full vod on twitch is?

  7. Joinen, I'm sorry, your increasing frustration with the games not working had me freaking cackling.

  8. Your audience is 80% female?? Idk why, but I expected way more non-binary people lol. But I guess statistics don't talk about them, so it might be bigger than I thought

  9. there is another website for games called friv

  10. why am i watching a grown man playing little girl games where you dress up princesses

  11. I bet so many people are gonna be pissed over Joinen calling Vocaloid “weeb”

    I’m not.

  12. 1:44 The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -89 degress Celsius. That is cold…

  13. y'all ever felt -20F … you're nostrils stick together… immediate panic and pain

  14. me:Keeps noticing the sso ads
    me who is also an sso player:*nervous sweating*

  15. Bring back 2009
    Ah yes, the time when I was 3 years old and had no grasp of any human knowledge at all

  16. I love joinen😂😂his so cute and funny😂😂😂

  17. So many of these cursed games are gone now that Flash is dead.

  18. joinen is candy crush legend?!?! 😳😳😳

  19. I know i'm REALLY late but merry christmas everyone!

  20. Petition for joinen to voice act a small British girl in an anime, and it's the voice from the dress up game

  21. fun fact: i used to play this when i was still in prep

  22. As someone who used to play these games all the time I understand Joinen's frustration of the full outfits being near the end of the game after the tops and bottoms

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