Girls Trip to Disney & Christmas Games Day! | Hannah Witton | AD -

Girls Trip to Disney & Christmas Games Day! | Hannah Witton | AD

Hannah Witton
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  1. nods Mmhmm Padding…Quack! Quackquackquack!!"

  2. Most PG-13 thing I've seen. Like something from bridget Jones.

  3. I LOVE DISNEY! Also you & your videos! 🙂

  4. It is SO weird to see Disney things in the cold – I'm so used to Disney World Florida

  5. Just watched you on the BBC. Well done you.

  6. Hannah Witton is actually a Virgin guys

  7. This was such a top vlog!! You're really good at vlogging I reckon, enjoyed this so much! The Disney trip looked magical, and games night seemed a lot of fun. Thanks for taking us with you 🙂 Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  8. Just pre-ordered the hormone diaries. You could do something like a signed book plate if you preordered the book by a certain date maybe as an incentivize?

  9. i have Ulcerative colitis too. I have a few question cause i dont have a stoma yet. Im scared of it. Its annoying to run to the toilett all day and seing all this blood.
    I gain weight over last 3 years and now i wanna loose it again and i wanna know if in can workout normally with a stoma. And how does it affect me in my normal life?
    Is there something important i need to know? Im 20 now and i cant really leave my house atm cause i always have to watch out for toiletts. Its destroying me.
    Pls tell me how you did manage all these things.
    Greetings from germany.

  10. The way. You. Talk. Bothers. Me. Change it please, so I can watch all of your videos 😉

  11. I’m confused 🤷‍♀️ there’s a Disneyland in England????

  12. Hannah, i'm disappointed about the lack of links to Dodie or any other people featured in this video.
    I think it is polite, when you have someone in one of your videos, to include links to their stuff.

  13. This holiday, like all holidays, was just family and playing card and board games.

  14. Not related to this video at all but just interested, did you decide to do a masters in the end? Any reasons why or why not? 🙂

  15. So fun! I watched this trip from dodie’s perspective on Instagram.

  16. I'm a bit bummed.. you were at Disney a bit before I went and Jasmin went to Disney when I was gone… It would've been so exciting to see one of you there!

  17. You all seemed to have such fun! Loved it!

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