GTA 5 Next-Gen Christmas DLC Edition (Santa's Gifts, Reindeer Games, and "Missle-toe") -

GTA 5 Next-Gen Christmas DLC Edition (Santa’s Gifts, Reindeer Games, and “Missle-toe”)

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  1. hello cartoons i am your suscriber your cool and amazing you should make a video of gta 5 and do you have a ps3 for i can play whith you and your frend please

  2. he is on the stairway to heaven but he's going to hell

  3. Cartoonz u should do more videos like these they were really funny

  4. give me your ps4 or I'm going to unlike your video cartoonz

  5. CaRtOoNz you r one of my favorit youtubers i can get an ps4 i realy need one

  6. So why do you don't give one to me, is that because you hate me?

  7. But, you should go on and continue your Chanel up more then PewDiePie, even if you hate me😞.

  8. CaRtOoNz I love your videos and your best friend H20 Delirious.

  9. If it's ok put 👍🏻/ if it's no put👎🏻

  10. Gta 5 christmas snow came on console literally only christmas day..

  11. cartoonz you look awesome I never knew you look like that so when you do the VR with Rick and Morty can you show yourself

  12. Coal is good cause you can join it together and get diamond

  13. Cartoons you're like a hero to me bro I want that PS4 please Alright you're not here to meet you like a brother because I don't know why because you're like a brother to me

  14. Cartoonz ur my favorite youtuber and if there haters don’t listen to them and can u sub to me plz and thx

  15. you could say he's one of the most ANIMATED YouTubers out there huh?

  16. Marry Christmas you fillie animal and have a happy new year.

  17. Me. I'm so your friend and I love you so I hope that you will give it to me

  18. Ope, better bury this shit or Lui's getting canceled. XD

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