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Haunted PS1 Style Horror Christmas Games! | MADvent Calendar [Complete]

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Do not watch parts of this video if you respect spoiler warnings! I explain this at 0:00, and in the video.
0:00 🎞️ Intro
0:26 👻 Spoiler Warn!
1:10 1st ✂ RIP by Pastasfuture
4:04 2nd 🎭 Screenplay in Autumn by Papercookies
11:31 👻 Sbooiler warn!
11:55 3rd ⛯ December 3rd by Vladimere Lhore
17:20 4th ◯ Godforsaken Hole Called… by shane yach
20:20 5th 🛇 Artists of a Dead World by Autumn Rain
23:24 6th 🎣 Six & Six by OKSoft
25:58 7th ⚗ HWAJILGUJI by ZIK
42:07 8th 🍸 195 Hours in the Cold by A Team Forbidden
49:18 9th 📱 SMS by Minnie & Marcus
53:50 10th 🐧 Paralysis Penguin by z_bill
59:59 11th 🕍️ What Lies Within the Ice by Negative Entites
1:01:55 12th 🕷 Eyes & Ears by USERLANDS
1:03:10 13th 🕳️ You have reached the end by Jam
1:04:30 14th 🛹 Evenfall by Neurobew
1:08:50 15th ☃ Ski-street serenade by Moya Horror
1:10:30 16th 🐕 Down in the Dungeon by jaybee
1:13:45 17th 🎄 The People’s Tree by Colter
1:15:14 18th 🏟️ Far From Home by Rubeki
1:20:03 19th 💻 Winter Walk 2006 by Bryce Bucher
1:23:55 20th 👧 Blanket of Snow by Monokomatic
1:31:17 21st ☄️ Formation by RubenTipparach
1:40:45 22st 🍄 The Snow of Basidia by Modus Interactive
1:50:00 23rd ☯ æ by colorfiction
1:51:33 24th 🦉 Slumber by Breogan Hackett
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  1. what is that movie/clip in the game with the green mazefrom ? its so creepy….just a big talking mouth and oddly sharp teeth.

  2. my favourite game is paralysis penguin (10th game)

  3. Because we are true gamer am going to follow the rule so guy’s lets watch the 2 first part see you next day for the following part


    Everyone: hahahhahaha click and tap go brrrrrrr

  5. This was very, very, N̵͍͐̈͐̇͌̋̑̚͠͝͠ą̷̨̰̖̬̝̤̗̩̭̠̿̊̿͋̒̓̿̽̀̾̀͘̚͜͠͠ṳ̴͉͈̭͔̜̇̀̃̑͂͘̕͝͠ģ̴̡̻̟͚̝͉̹̝͉̼̓͆͒́̒̆ͅh̶͈̣͇̃̂̋̓͒̄͒̒̅̈́̊̀̀̂̕t̷̬̝͉̮̂̓̂̊̓̈̒̽̿̚y̸̩͔̯͎̠̯̐͂̓̄́


  6. There was also one last secret you missed in "Blanket of Snow" 😉

  7. No Sauna 2000?
    bout to head out

  8. i paused it straight away so technically not watching.
    somehow less views than i expected.

  9. those 516 people who clicked:The rules dont apply to me.

  10. I just watch all the video without respecting the rule

  11. you all looking past spoiler dates r gettin' COAL in your stocking. and krampus is gonna getcha too

  12. I always was that kid who eat the whole callender in the first day

  13. Iwanplay :
    -don't watch it before 24 .
    Me :
    Why would you upload.

  14. were these blind playthroughs? how long did you play RIP before you beat it? I played 13 minutes and kept getting back to beginning lmao.

  15. I'm here for the comments, I haven't skipped the 2 minute ad so technically I haven't watched it

  16. how do i get the mod on ravenfeild where you can switch weapons on the fly its say discord invites invalid

  17. Had to watch this because my brain was too smooth for RIP
    (edit: looks like I wasn't missing much lmao)

  18. how many times did you play the 24th game before you got to the house? I just ragequit it.

  19. December 14th comment: this is just here as to how far i must watch… I got a lot ugh…

  20. For me rio doesn’t end, it keep repeating, distorting more and and more

  21. This is AWESOME, I just couldn't love this more.
    Great video.

  22. Who's watching this after actually playing the game's in their intended path.

  23. The Snow Of Basidia, Blanket of Snow, Paralysis Penguin, and HWAJILGUJI are my favorite games of the bunch.

  24. Can’t spoil it if you wait till the last day

  25. I love how much we can hear "friend ?" in this

    Can you stop to befriend the weirdest things in games please ? aha

  26. By the way, Hwajilguji is Korean slang, roughly meaning "bad graphics."

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